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BMW M4 GTS- Fastest BMW Production Car in the History

 BMW M4 GTS twice the price of regular M4. Is it worth the double price? Let’s find out.

BMW has announced M4 GTS with only 700 units to be ever made. BMW M4 GTS is the fastest car ever manufactured by BMW which mean it goes up to 199 mph while other BMW’s mostly are limited to 155 mph including the M one’s, the M4 GTS is truly a German engineering marvel. With that being said, let’s find out what is so special in BMW M4 GTS.

Engine & Performance on track/road:

BMW M4 GTS is built to rival high-end big dogs in the market like Porsche 911 GT3 and company. However does the M4 GTS really feels like them on track and road? You might say yes clearly if you are BMW M cars fan and among those people who would like 2-door coupe to drive around the city then enter track, do some laps head back to home.

BMW M4 GTS is powered by 3.0L twin-turbocharged straight-six cylinder engine. However there’s more to the box, the ‘Water Injection System’ spraying thin mist of water over the engine for cooling purpose. This allowed the engineers to increase the boost from turbos…. for the maximum boost obviously! BMW M4 GTS makes 439bhp with insane torque of 442 lb-ft from wheels. The mentioned water injection system works due to water tank installed in the rear trunk just under the trunk floor. In order to utilize, you have to top it up with water manually with each tank of gas especially if you are racing on track. The 3.0L engine is married with seven-speed DCT (Dual-clutch Transmission). According to official BMW figures, the M4 GTS does 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds.

Technical features in M4 GTS:

In order to achieve maximum power the BMW made some adjustments as compared to the regular M4. These modifications are focused to utilize energy from every molecule of fuel. Therefore the weight on BMW M4 GTS is dropped low in terms of chassis and weight reduction.

  • Stock springs and dampers are replaced with three-way adjustable coilovers with 16-click rebound. 14 speed in high speed and six in low speed compressions. 15mm space is left for adjustment of ride height since the M4 GTS doesn’t have electronic suspension lift like the Porsche GT3.
  • The BMW M4 GTS is made for tracks, which means it offers massive range of settings subjected to owners driving preferences and even adjustments made for specific track. Thus the M4 GTS is a track focused vehicle that can be set according to track. The anti-roll bars are thicker and suspension is retuned. The front splitter and rear wing is also adjustable.
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s tyres with revised steering wheel for the GTS. The standard wheels on M4 GTS are forged and lighter with 19-inches in front and 20-inches at back. Wheels have Acid Orange Accent to them. BMW also offers Carbon Compound wheels for errrr… $10,000, but then they save 7kg weight too.
  • Carbon Fiber bonnet, roof and tailgate are added in GTS. Titanium exhaust saves another 7kg of weight. No rear seats to save weight and buckets in front that weigh half as compared to regular ones. Ceramic coated brakes also include the package.

Exterior Photos:

Is it worth the price?

The M4 GTS is priced at whooping $137,000. Whereas the normal M4 costs $60,000 so double. The production of M4 GTS is limited to 700 units only ever made.

 Of course the BMW did great inventing the M4 GTS. Yes it is the fastest ever vehicle by BMW. But is the M4 GTS worth the price and most importantly worth buying instead of other big names in the sports car industry such as the idealistic Porsche Gt3, 911 and Maserati Gran Turismo and so on the list.

Interior Photos:

While BMW did an effort for M4 GTS, let’s not be naive of the fact that it’s not the greatest when it comes to driving it. As reviewed by Jeremey Clarkson on “Grand Tour”, the M4 GTS isn’t that great. It’s not an easy thing to drive especially on road. Why? Because the M4 GTS was built to be driven of Nurburgring track. Which means it’s a track only weekend drive sports car. Even this it’s not that top notch on track even with its aggressive taste In short the M4 GTS isn’t the greatest buying decision unless you are a BMW fan who likes to drive M cars no matter what.

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