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Volkswagen Golf GTI USA

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2019

1983 was the year when USA got the GTI which was launched back in 1975. Ever since its launch in the states, the GTI has received so much appreciation and love from car nerds, journalists to those driving the car from point A to B. The GTI indeed has been a treat for everyone for years. Golf GTI 2019 carries the heritage of its ancestors and lives to the expectations of everyone. Various car journalists and websites have placed Volkswagen Golf GTI #1 on the list of Compact Car Category. Therefore it really is the best vehicle you can buy. It’s faster, lighter, safer, more equipped with tech. In other words the Volkswagen Golf GTI is the one stop shop for all your needs weather it involves driving in the city or pulling up on the highway.

Over the course of years Volkswagen Golf GTI has matured and transformed into better vehicle be it in terms of safety, speed, performance or technological advancements. The Volkswagen Golf GTI thus sustains the heritage of original 1975’s Golf GTI.

What upgrades 2019 model has?

New Year brings more power. Thus the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2019 now gets ponies in the engine. However the major update appreciated by everyone is that now it comes with limited slip differential as standard along with improved brakes. The Volkswagen Golf 2019 also returns with Rabbit edition for GTI that stands above the simple S and SE model and just below the Autobahn trim. The GTI is essentially appearance package which has do with things like black exterior trim, unique badging and turning LED headlamps synchronized with turning of steering wheel.

In addition the basic S model now has driver assistance package to it with features such as auto-emergency braking and of course the blind-spot monitoring. The next up to chain SE model now has leather seats and it can be equipped with adaptive dampers and premium audio system under the Experience package.

Exterior Photos:

Let’s talk about the horsepower:

While it may seem like a daily driver car, I kid you not the GTI version in Golf is fast as compared to other normal cars on road. Thanks to slick manual transmission and smart automatic gearbox combined with clever handling and great ride quality, the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2019 will actually cross you on occasions you do not expect it to.

This performance comes from a 4-cylinder Turbocharged engine which delivers quick acceleration at any rpm range. Yes the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2019 is not “quick” as a BMW M2 or some Mercedes C class, but it gets the job done for most of us which is what a car needs to. The clutch on manual is lighter making shifting easy whereas the dual-clutch automatic transmission shifts quickly and provides good amount of acceleration. The steering wheel is quick and grabs to the speeds responds well thankfully.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI 2019 is not as quicker or sharp as the Golf R, which I believe no GTI will be in future unless the Volkswagen announces R version for all the car enthusiasts however it is fair enough on the road.

Mileage on the road:

The Volkswagen Golf GTI 2019 mileage differ for different models however it does gives an outstanding mileage of 36 mpg which actually exceeds the EPA rating by 2 mpg. Henceforth the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2019 mileage in real world is surprisingly the most efficient in its league.

Interior & options:

The 2019 model of Volkswagen Golf GTI brings the heated front-seats as standard for every trim. You get a lot of cargo space, spacious legroom and few luxuries on board. Other options and features include dual-zone automatic climate control, 12-way adjustable leather seats. Infotainment screen is standard in all trims but somehow it’s slow in responses to touch however not horrifically bad. The much needed Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is standard too.

Interior Photos:

Pricing and trims:

S: The S trim is the basic trim starting @ $28,490.

Rabbit Edition: Starting @ $29,790 is the returned Rabbit edition in Volkswagen Golf GTI 2019.

SE: The SE trim starts at $32,690 and so far is the most recommended trim to buy.

Autobahn: Most expensive and fastest trim for the Golf GTI lineup priced @ $36,890.

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