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Upload images so the Viewer can carefully inspect your product before purchasing. That give or provide ease to the customer for Selecting your product/vehicle.

Recommended Image Resolution: 800 x 470 px or higher

Image Resolution should be 800 x 470 or higher. Images with high resolution give better results and take less time for being inspected by customers.

Users can upload up to 5 photos, but dealers can upload up to 10 photos.

Private users can upload up to 5 photos but if it’s your business and you want to add more images to a vehicle then best for you to become a dealer. Becoming dealer will boost up your business and you will be able to satisfy your customer more.

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If you don't have the videos handy, don't worry. You can add or edit them after you complete your ad using the "Manage Your Ad" page.
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Determine a competitive price by comparing your vehicle's information and mileage to similar vehicles for sale by dealers and private sellers in your area. Then consider pricing your vehicle within range. Be sure to provide Seller's Comments and photos to highlight the best features of your vehicle, especially if your asking price is above average.