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Conditions of Submitting Articles & Products

  1.  Your Article can be related to any Product, Service or Topic.
  2. For Guest article (Content should be well searched).
  3.  Your Article should be original and must be written by You, No copy/Paste Allowed.
  4. No plagiarism (important), No Grammar/spellings/Sentence mistakes.
  5. Article should easy to understand and must clear the sense and topic.
  6. Write/Typed into Microsoft word (with Relevant Photos & details).
  7.  Articles & Products Related to Pornography/Weapons/Spamming/Drugs or any other False service or Activity will not be accepted.
  8.  We will Review your Articles before submission.
  9.  Mention Your website and Link at the end of the Article.
  10. After Revision article less than 800 words will not be acceptable.
  11.  We have all the rights to accept or Reject your article if we feel that it didn’t full fill our conditions.

  12. Send Articles Here : contactus@fairwheels.com
    Further Details will be updated as per requirement.

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