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Squad Solar City Car 2 Seated USA

2022 Squad Solar City car

2022 Squad Solar city car Price in the USA :

Outside EU Estimated: € 5750
Regular Production Estimated: € 5750
Pioneer Edition Estimated: € 6750
Signature Edition Estimated: € 9000

Dutch Automobiles Company Squad has come up with its first electric vehicle which will be a solar project having an affordable price range. It is a 2 seated car similar to the golf car in which passengers sit next to each other having one shelf and 2 emergency seats. It features solar cells on its roof that can generate enough electricity to drive up to nine thousand kilometers per year. The all-new concept is distinctive with an attractive beautiful design and its lightweight small dimensions make it a suitable car to move easily in city traffic. Although cycling and public transport is always considered to be the best option for people in European countries but sometimes bad weather or living far away from train stations can be a problem so Squad has solved this issue to introduce this mini-city car that takes only 10 square meters of the area while moving on the roads thus traffic issues of the city are not provoked.

Squad two seated pre-booking has already been started with a reservation price of 5000 Euros while the deliveries of two seated solar will be done in 2021 in European countries. The subscription and leasing models will also be available for booking from next year and we can see the 2 seated solar vehicles on roads till 2021.

squad solar electric car feature image
squad solar electric car feature image

Powertrain and performance:

Squad’s 2 seated car is a self-charging car with a roof equipped with solar panels that charge the battery of the car directly utilizing maximum energy from the sun. Its PV cells can be charged in any light even in the shades and northern countries like the Netherlands also have enough solar energy to charge the solar cells but in case enough sunlight is not available to run the car it also has the option of two electric motors paired with a lithium-ion battery to run the car especially in winters. The battery can be charged from the power sockets available in-home making it easy to charge while Squad is a hundred percent emission-less vehicle and it is quite affordable using recycled materials making it more efficient and lightweight.

Squad Solar City Car charging via sunlight
Squad Solar City Car charging via sunlight

It gives a range of 45 kilometers per hour when its battery is fully charged. One of the biggest advantages of this 2 seated Squad is the versatile dimensions that give it a footprint of twenty percent of the car allowing easy maneuvers to move through the traffics using bicycle paths and avoiding blockages.

Exterior Design & Features:

 It is a two-seated car with a total length of two meters replacing a full-blown vehicle on roads and it runs on four wheels with a full roll cage and storage trunk designed on the back while it lacks doors and side panels but the company provides removable side covers to keep the passengers and floor of the car dry during rain showers although the chances of rain are not very high it gives weatherproof solution to passengers as compared to other small vehicles like scooters and motorcycles.

squad solar car front view
squad solar car front view

squad Solar City Car Feature image
squad Solar City Car Feature image

squad solar car rear view
squad solar car rear view

squad solar car uses very less space to park
squad solar car uses very less space to park

Interior Design & Features:

Squad 2 seated accommodates two passengers side by side inside the cabin and even two children can also sit in rear seats which is optional and offered in those countries where it’s legal. It is most suitable for small families or disabled senior citizens because access inside the cabin is made easier. The seats of Squad are quite comfortable giving maximum support to your back and providing you with maximum relaxation. It also features an infotainment system that can be controlled with your smartphones and let you have access to navigation and communication.

squad Solar City Car Feature image
squad Solar City Car Feature image

It is a relatively safer option as compared to bicycles and motorcycles as its four wheels give it stability to move over snow and rain easily and its high seating position gives you good visibility while its full roll cage provides protection against side impacts and rolling events. It also provides you with seat belts thus giving more protection to the passengers and thus there is no need for a helmet.

Major competitors:

Squad two seated may get s competition worldwide from two seated Microlina, Citroen’s tiny Ami electric car, Nissan two seated and MG E200 2 seated.

Technical Specifications


Homologation L6e and L7 (EU)
Frame Aluminium Tubular Roll Cage with full crash structure front and rear
Passengers 2 Persons (L6) / 4 Persons (L7)
Rear Bench 2 children up to 1.25 meter (L7 version)
Storage 68 L  /  243 L (Cargo)


Length 2 meter
Width 1,2 meter
Height 1,6 meter
Max speed 45 km/h (L6) 65 km/h (L7)
Suspension 4 wheel, independent
Motors 2 x in-Wheel RWD
Power 4kW (2 x 2kW) (L6)
Batteries 4x portable, swappable Li-ion
Charging Solar & 220 V
Turning circle 6 meter
Regeneration Yes
Gearing Fwd | Reverse


Modules Swappable & Portable 4x
Chemistry Li-ion
Battery Range 100 km*
Solar Range 20 km / day (in EU summer)
Charging Solar & 220V & Regeneration
Regeneration Yes
*exclusive solar


Brakes 4 wheel disks
parking brake
Seat belts All seats
Lighting Front & Rear
Turning lights
Roll Cage & Crash structure Full Roll Cage and Crash structure front and rear

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