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Suzuki Ignis Pakistan

                      Suzuki Ignis


        Price in Pakistan 30,0000 – 350,000 PKR for Hybrid Model 2019  

“Small city car with a lot to offer and easy on pocket.”

This is how I quite define the Suzuki Ignis for the money and joy it brings. It’s a city car with some extra-curricular activities programmed to it just in case you find yourself bored. What it means is that Ignis will glide through tight roads while give you a pleasant drive rather than boring you to death. Suzuki Ignis has everything what the car market is right now, its hybrid, small and cute.

Since Ignis aged to achieve its second generation back in 2016, the second gen has quite some changes done to it. Suzuki Ignis has got a newer platform, newer engine, updated re-designed interior and most importantly it’s lighter.  The newer platform is based on high-strength steel which is expensive and harder to engineer, gladly the Ignis doesn’t need much of it due to its small size. However, this means the Ignis is light by which I mean really light! The base model weighs only 801 kg followed by 855kg for mid-range model. To put this to sense, its 1000kg lighter than its Volkswagen competitor. Thus such little weight benefits the economy.

Exterior Photos:

Engine & Transmission:

Suzuki Ignis comes with a 1.2L 4-cylinder engine with 89hp from the front-wheel drive. However to add more it is powered by a mild-hybrid battery setup and some slight electric boost. The electric boost helps Ignis climb over hill and aid slip-road acceleration. According to Suzuki it’s less-expensive than a turbocharger and more sophisticated which we have to agree upon. The 7kg hybrid battery resides under rear seat increasing downforce at rear end without compromising boot space. Suzuki Ignis therefore gives a whooping mileage of 50 mpg in real world (officially claimed is 61.4 mpg). Apart from that you wouldn’t be able to notice hybrid system as they work seamlessly in the background as you drive.

Suzuki Ignis comes with an option between automatic gearbox and a five-speed manual for rather quicker and lightweight drive. However what holds the Ignis special is other than FWD it also comes in all-wheel-drive system which Suzuki badges as all-grip. This gives the Ignis strength to climb mountains with confidence.


Hoping on the inside of Suzuki Ignis there’s plenty of headroom but it gets squeezed in leg space at the back along with crimped window that erodes your view to the outside. Obviously it’s not much plush but it’s tough from the inside. The switchgear and touchscreen are rather sluggish and difficult to operate as compared to the rivals so make up your mind for that in Ignis. The touchscreen is powered by Pioneer screen with dull graphics and after-market feel to it but happily it does accommodate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The steering wheel controls are logical whereas you can have driving information displayed on touchscreen whilst you used your phone for operating menu by displaying the functions on it.

There’s some fun added to Ignis with the two-tone dashboard and retro handles. Thus the Ignis from inside feels stronger, harder and most importantly represents the touches of being somewhat plush car. As for your luggage the boot trunk is 260 liters spacious enough to accommodate luggage. Whereas with rear seats into 50-50 configuration you can have either more trunk space or legroom, it’s up to you.

Interior Photos:

Owing Suzuki Ignis:

If it is not quite evident until now, yes the Suzuki Ignis doesn’t cost much to run or buy. The range for Suzuki Ignis trims starts from lower end base model namely SZ3 followed by mid-range model SZ-T and then the all-wheel drive SHVS, with choice of automatic and manual.

Price & Competitors:

Suzuki Ignis starts at £11,000 whereas the hybrid all-grip (all-wheel drive) goes up till £14,999. So for such a useful vehicle, the price is rather good. Suzuki Ignis is rival to Volkswagen UP, Fiat 500 and Toyota Aygo.


Suzuki Ignis is decently priced, well-featured and especially a fun to drive small SUV. It rather is charming as a cherry placed on top of a cake adding delight to your dessert. The design is loveable making it one of most compelling small car available for sale in the market right now.

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