Starts at: 156,900 AED
Review 2022
Toyota FJ Cruiser United Arab Emirates

2022 Toyota FJ Cruiser

  • Sold in the UAE: 2008-Present
  • 1st Generation

2022 Toyota FJ Cruiser Pirce in the UAE:

FJ Cruiser GXR  Starts at: 156,900 AED
FJ Cruiser Adventure  Starts at: 187,900 AED

Toyota FJ Cruiser was first released in North America where it was retired in 2014 but Toyota didn’t stop here a Japanese firm allegedly introduced the spiritual SUV successor Toyota FJ Cruiser which was exhibited in the Tokyo Auto show in 2017 and was going to be morphed into the replacement of previous FJ Cruiser. It was then expected to make a debut at Tokyo Auto Show in 2019 but it was delayed to 2020 in a major auto show and is now launched and available for sale in UAE. It is the smallest crossover of Toyota even shorter than the CH-R of Toyota but its small size will not be a hindrance to a spacious cabin and surprisingly offers a boxy and versatile interior. It is built on a similar platform as used for Corolla and Prius and it will not be an all-electric car but has been powered by a gasoline-electric hybrid with a bigger engine. Clermont Toyota TJ Cruiser will be a minivan being the successor to the old Toyota FJ Cruiser which will be an all-wheel-drive off-road vehicle based on FT-4X Concept which confirms the vehicle be having a turbocharged engine with a selectable low range.

Engine & Power:

Toyota FJ Cruiser has been equipped with 4.0 liters V6 twenty-four valve DOHC VVT-I engine producing maximum power of 270 hp at 5600 rpm and 38.8 nm torque at 4400 rpm. Its all-wheel driving facility let you drive on any terrain making your drives very comfortable even on unpaved pathways. Five-speed automatic transmission is made standard in all trims of FJ cruiser and it is available in both manual and automatic transmission. The steering of the old FJ Cruiser was heavy and unnatural but the new model is expected to have improved changes in it. The crawl control feature will help FJ Cruiser to push through soft and rocky pavements and is made easier with the combination of both four-wheel drive and high ground clearance. The Turbo engine will be controlled by the push button which will send the power to all four wheels. The 159 liters fuel tank capacity of its engine lets you get a mileage of 8.9 kilometers per liter.

Exterior Styling & Features:

This minivan will be 4670 millimeters in length, 1905 millimeters in width, and 1830 millimeters in height. The rugged styling of the FJ Cruiser depicts a character of both fun and adventure. It will be having a high ground clearance and the chrome imparted lower body moldings and the roof basket will also be an option while the bronze eighteen inches aluminum wheels are the real eye-catching symbol of the all-new FJ Cruiser. The frontal fascia has an enlarged chrome grille which is flanked by the aggressive LED headlights giving the looks of the heritage version of the traditional FJ Cruiser while the rear end is enlightened by the pretty bench of the tailgate and the fine forged wheels remove the running boards tweaking refinement of exterior design.

2020 Toyota FJ Cruiser Front View
Toyota FJ Cruiser Front View

2020 Toyota FJ Cruiser Side View
Toyota FJ Cruiser Side View

2020 Toyota FJ Cruiser Accommodating View
Toyota FJ Cruiser Accommodating View


FJ Cruiser will not only be providing you with a spacious cabin but also complete comfort and utility with deluxe luxurious features. It will be a three-row seating vehicle in which the first and second row has leather covering and the option of heating and cooling while it accommodates three adults on 2nd row and access to 3rd row is a bit difficult for adults and rear-seat entertainment system is also available to entertain the back passengers. There is also a cargo area behind the 3rd row of seats.

2020 Toyota FJ Cruiser interior view
Toyota FJ Cruiser interior view

2020 Toyota FJ Cruiser full interior view
Toyota FJ Cruiser full interior view

2020 Toyota FJ Cruiser Rear Seats View
Toyota FJ Cruiser Rear Seats View

The dashboard is prominent with a nine inches display screen providing a well-upgraded infotainment system and the instrumental cluster is also made very attractive to complete the astonishing looks. All trims of FJ Cruiser will be equipped with an automatic emergency braking system, adaptive cruise control system, blind-spot detection, forward collision warning alarm, pedestrian warning alarm, ten airbags, stability control system, and an active lane control, and traction control system.

Major Competitors:

Major competitors of Toyota FJ Cruiser are Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, Nissan Xterra, and Toyota CH-R.

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