Trend is simple; make the vehicles more beautiful, stylish and assisting no matter if that vehicle is designed for a rich person or for delivering mail. A company UPS (united mail service) is thinking the same, they are going to change the existing structure and design of mail delivery trucks. These trucks will not have only updated design but will also the electric power trains instead of gasoline and diesel engines. Benefits of trucks not include fuel efficiency but beautiful design of these trucks will advertise the company and become a reason to boost business by earning fame. Companies always need a new idea to built reputation and business in any region.

Other than electric power trains these trucks will also have advance driver assistance tools and highly advance vehicle display, these will help drivers in dealing with pedestrians, parking and other obstacles on roads. According to company many of the components are in home built including power electronics, battery system, motors and user interface. These trucks will able to cover 150 miles of distance on single full charge and these electric power trains also make these trucks environment friendly.

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These trucks are under test since 2016 and for UPS trials 35 trucks are expected to arrive in United Kingdom. These electric trucks are under test for London and Paris only and not for America but later there are chances that company will expand these to other regions as well.
Trucks used everywhere in every business so it is not just UPS that is working to bring these electric and fashionable trucks to their side but other companies are also working like Dailmer that is developing electric trucks for Urban and Suburban areas. These EV’s will help companies to gain more profits as these new electric trucks will consume half of the cost compare to diesel powered and beauty of trucks will attract more customers as well. These tucks will not have autonomous driving but in future we can expect for that as well. EV’s will cover the whole world it is just a beginning, let’s see how long it will take to happen.