Credit: NoAh HaMid
Expected but not confirmed Price of Kia Rio is 14 lakh. Fuel consumption of Kia Rio is 18-20KM/L. It has 1.0 Liter Engine with DOHC 12 Valve Inline-3, 6-Speed Automatic Transmission.


  • Bi-projection headlamps
    Bi-projection headlamps offer increased illumination, enabling you to better detect obstacles and the road ahead.
  • Electric folding mirrors
    You can fold and unfold the outside mirrors conveniently with the push of a button.
  • Radiator grille
    The iconic Kia radiator grille is completely restyled. Most of the airflow used for cooling enters through the lower intake.
  • Aero blade wipers
    Aerodynamic wiper blades keep the blade in contact with the windshield at high speeds.
  • Rear spoiler garnish
    A rear spoiler improves the air vortex around C pillar for enhanced aerodynamics and downforce on the rear tires.
  • Parking Distance Warning-Reverse (PDW-R)
    When you back into a parking spot, how much room do you have left? As you reverse, audible beeps alert you to the distance to obstacles behind you.
  • Antilock Braking System (ABS)
    A fundamental element of active safety sytems, ABS helps provide greater vehicle control when stopping in difficult conditions like wet or slippery roads.
  • 6 airbags
    Protection includes front air bags for the driver and front-seat passenger, two air bags at the sides, and two curtain airbags running the length of the cabin.
  • Supervision cluster with 3.5˝ LCD screen
    A tasteful, intelligently designed and customizable supervision cluster provides outside temperature and vehicle and trip data.
  • Steering wheel audio remote control
    Adjust audio settings using just your thumb, for enhanced driving safety.
  • Speed limiter / Auto cruise control
    The auto cruise function can be activated using steering wheel-mounted controls, making it easy to set your speed in a safe manner.
  • Auxiliary and USB connections
    Flash drives and other compatible audio devices can be connected via 3.5mm (analog) and USB ports.
  • Manual A/C
    Simple soft-touch switches and dials let you adjust the temperature quickly with minimal distraction.
  • Full Auto Temperature Control (FATC)
    FATC lets you set preferable temperature for comfortable ride in any weather conditions.
  • Full-folding 2nd row seats
    Rear seats fold fully flat, so when you need to, you can accommodate long or bulky items in an extended cargo space.
  • 60:40 split-folding rear seats
    The rear seats split 60:40 and fold flat, giving you utmost flexibility in managing cargo and passenger space.
  • Sunroof
    An available power sunroof adds an open-air feeling to the already roomy cabin of the all-new Rio.
  • Telescopic & tilt steering
    Adjust the steering column up and down, and in and out, to find just the right position for you.
  • ECM rear-view mirror
    The Electro-Chromic Mirror automatically controls the glare from the headlamps of the car behind you in nighttime.
  • Sunvisor illumination lamps
    LEDs over the vanity mirror on the driver-side sunvisor light up to help you see yourself better in the mirror.
  • Adjustable seatbelt anchor
    The height-adjustable seat-belt anchors allow for seat-belts to be raised and lowered to achieve the perfect fit.
  • Front & rear door bottle holders
    The drink bottles are easily on hand with holders in both the front and rear doors.
  • Center console armrest
    Offers comfortable support when driving, and is covered in soft material that is color-coordinated with the interior trim.
  • Rear USB charging port
    Rear passengers can charge their electronic devices via the USB port mounted at the back of the center console.
  • Luggage net
    An elasticized luggage net keeps luggage and cargo from moving around in the cargo space.
  • Covering shelf
    A rear shelf keeps cargo out of view. Attached to the rear gate by cords, it lifts out of the way when the gate is opened.
  • Auto defog system
    The auto defogger detects mist on the windshield, and automatically deploys the fans to clear the glass rapidly.
  • Rain sensor
    The rain sensor detects raindrops on the windshield and activates the wipers when a coverage threshold is met.
  • Smart key with easy keyless entry
    Lock or unlock the doors conveniently with the simple press of a button.