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Sports car driving Fun with ability to fly, you can park it any where and drive it on roads to the home. This vehicle will be available for sale with 2 different editions

1: Pal V Liberty Executive edition

2: Pal V Liberty Sport Edition

You have to reserve the car nine months ago before schedule delivery while 25,000 $ of Pal V liberty Executive edition fee is not refundable and same is with Pal V Liberty Sporty Edition that can be reserve with 10,000 $. further details can be check here. PAL-V-one

Terrafugia Transition:

Different from the above Terafugia is a 2 wings flying car with 2 persons sitting capacity, it become aircraft in the air and drive like a car on the road. According to details given by company it can travel up to 400 miles in the air. it will have all the safety features of automobile with some extra required for piloting in the air, more details related to vehicle can be check here. Terrafugia Transition

The Maverick:

Maverick is the research of non profitable organization which is known as (I-TEC) indigenous people Technology and Education Center while the rights of this vehicle are  sold to Maverick. This is more a fun car that can be taken in the air to double  the fun of adventures journey. It is different than both above because nor this have wings or rotor blades but it has propeller on rear side and fabric wings as we see in paragliding (motorized parachute wing). More details of car : Maverick

Aeromobil :

The most advance among all these 4 is the aeromobil that looks more futuristic and luxurious, this can travel almost in every whether condition. Aeromobil also have  different versions one of which is still a concept.

1st Aeromobil 4.0 STOL : is a 2 seated vehicle (compelete details)

2nd Aeromobil 5.0 VTOL : it is 4 seated taxi concept and according to company this will be the first taxi that will fly in air as well. ( complete details )