Automobile companies are trying many different strategies to increase sales of same products in the same market. One New strategy is cross badging that is adopted by Toyota and Suzuki to attract the customers those want different or may be the Mixture of both the companies, they were made the announcement on 6-feb-2017 and were concluded a memorandum. They will start with Baleno that will get some exterior and interior changes before rebadged by Toyota, Suzuki is already holding 50 percent shares of Indian market and sells about 15000 units of Baleno every year.

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According to Pact; after changing and re-badging the Baleno Toyota will sell it by using its own dealer’s network in India. In the start Maruti Suzuki is likely to supply 25000 units of Baleno every year to Toyota Motors Corporation and this will be the first cross badge product by these two automakers. Both the companies have already decided about what will be the percentage and how many units will be supplied each year, Prices of cross badge vehicles will increase for sure and will be decided after changes and cross badging.

Baleno Cross Badge by Toyota
Baleno Cross Badge by Toyota

This cross badging concept was also applied by other brands in India like Renault-Nissan and Volkswagen-Skoda while they were failed to set increase in the sales for Indian market but this time world 2nd largest selling brand Toyota that is already experienced in cross badging and Suzuki that has highest shares and largest dealers network in India have come across and shake the hands, now we have to see what better they will bring together in the market and vehicles and if they will be able to increase their sales or not?

Baleno is already a well accepted product in India but this will help the Toyota to increase its sales in market by winning the trust of customers while selling the Baleno.