This is not that Suzuki Mehran sales has been dropped, it is not that there is any type of constrain by government to not produce further but it is the fear that Suzuki company felt due to upcoming brands, they know it very well if they don’t stop the Mehran and didn’t provide better alternative it will ruin their brand name.

This news by company is given at the time when confirmed date of United Bravo launched been given by United company, United bravo launched on 8th September 2018. According to details Suzuki will discontinue Mehran from April 2019. As per notification Mehran VXR production will be stopped from April 2019 while Mehran VX has already been discontinued.

Another circular has been issued by Management to the vendors that “No old vehicle will be discontinued before the introduction of new model in Market”

Mehran is in production since 1988 and also known as Pakistan’s cheapest vehicle both in terms of price and Quality. Let’s hope that new brands will give tough competition to existing giants in Pakistan and will constrain them to produce better cars with better quality.

Background circumstances with Suzuki: (Suzuki is out of China Now)

Suzuki Japanese automaker was manufacturing and delivering Suzuki Mini cars in china for more than quarter of century but recent shift to SUV’S and with introduction of new brands in China Suzuki has been forced out of China because Buyers are preferring SUV’S and new Brands. Suzuki transferred 50 percent of its share to Changan motors in China that was the last remaining venture of Suzuki and after which Changan will sell Suzuki Branded cars in China under license.

Suzuki Chairman Osamu Suzuki said;

“Approximately 25 years ago, we launched the alto in china, and since then we have made efforts in cultivating the Chinese market, however due to partly to shifting Chinese market to larger vehicles, we have decided to transfer all equity to Changan Automobile.”

Sales of Suzuki & Changan venture declined by 27 percent last year (Bloomberg Report), even though Suzuki introduce Vitara and S-cross sport but again these vehicle didn’t help lot (Quality matters).

Changan said;

It will fully support changan Suzuki’s continuing operation, and that will keep selling Suzuki-branded cars and providing related services.