Chinese automobile manufacturer are expanding their businesses all around the world, they are not just targeting the US market but other markets as well. Great wall motors company that is working in china since 1984 and also the largest SUV and truck producer in china has introduced its marquee brand Haval H6 SUV on last Thursday 6-09-2018 with high end safety and luxury features that will compete against top brands of SUV’S in united Arab Emirates.

At launch Buti Al Naboodah assistant MD at Al Naboodah said;

The popularity of Chinese vehicles in UAE can’t be denied and we know that this will also be true of the Haval H6.

Grey Cottrell GM of automation division at sovadian trading co said;

 This is a whole new revamp of the car; it is as good as anything on market today. Lot of people have this opinion of Chinese made products as being lower quality, but it is not the case with this model. In terms of change in market, the SUV segment is rapidly growing, more and more we see manufacturers going into this segment at this point in time”

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He replied on asking question related to fuel prices;

We did keep that in mind and as a result we kept this at a two liter turbo charged engine, this will give them the power of a bigger engine but with the efficiency of lower emissions that people are looking for right now. Fuel efficiency is a key driver in the market now, and you will see that all manufacturers are following the trend right now.

We all know UAE is the market where most luxurious, high specs and high performance vehicles are sold and Haval H6 should match that criteria.

Cottrell said further;

“The R&D that has gone in this model is phenomenal, Haval’s sales in china are huge and H6 contributes around 40 percent of their total sales and we are looking to bring some of that over here.