Suzuki is the most selling brand in India and Pakistan, as it has been forced out of china due to increase competition but Suzuki doesn’t want to lose its position in these countries. Suzuki has given many models in these two countries but Most known and Most Sold models includes Suzuki Mehran & Suzuki Wagon R. Suzuki Mehran is already out of the race and discontinued by company but wagon-R is its new product and also the most selling product of the company that is why company is planning to upgrade it for upcoming future by making it and electric vehicle as all the world is already shifting towards Electric cars.

Electric Prototype of WagonR had already been displayed at Move Summit in New Delhi that is why Wagon-R is going to be the first EV by Suzuki Company. To accomplish electric future Suzuki has joined hands with Toyota specifically for Indian market but later these electric vehicles will be exported to other countries as well.

No specifications of this upcoming EV has been announced but this new EV is different from versions found in India as it is built on Japanese Platform and expectations are; it will have 72V lithium ion battery pack and will released by the end of 2020.

Update 8-september-2018

Suzuki Prototype testing will start in October 2018

Electric WagonR by Suzuki
Electric WagonR by Suzuki

As Suzuki has already showcased the Wagon-R prototype now the update is that from October 2018 Suzuki will start testing its EV prototypes.

On Friday 7-september-2018 at global mobility summit Osamu Suzuki Said;

“We will start road Running tests using a fleet of 50 EV’S prototype vehicles in India from next month in order to develop safe and easy to use EV’S for Indian customers.

He added further;

The company would launch EV’s in India around 2020 in corporation with Toyota

Suzuki Said;

For EV’S to become popular in India there had to be well developed charging infrastructure, in this regard we look forward to proactive leadership from the Indian government”