Vinfast Company is looking forward to target Vietnam’s home market with complete vehicles range; in the start company will introduce a Sedan and a SUV model. Both of these models designs have been proposed by the people of the country as there were selected about 62,000 people by the company to choose and propose the best design, 20 Major designs by Italian car houses were submitted in front of people to choose the best one and design by italdesign’s won the contest.

At Paris motor show 2018 company unveiled both sedan and SUV based on proposed designs under the names of vinfast Lux SA2.0 sedan and Vinfast lux SA 2.0 SUV, both of the vehicles based on BMW platform (Sedan based on BMW 5 series and SUV based on BMW X5)

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Company has license of turbo charged 2.0 liter and i4 engines of BMW to begin production, company is also working on productions of EV’S as trend around the world is shifting towards EV’S, as per details EV based on design by “italdesign giugiaro” is expected to launch in 2019.

Press Release by company:

Following its investment to bring electric mobility to Vietnam is 2018 with the launch of range of escooters vinfast will unveil all new fully electric car in 2019. Design development is being undertaken by renowned Italian design house, italdesign giugiaro, while complete engineering development of the car will be Led by Germany’s EDAG one of the world’s largest independent engineering service providers, with sales starting in early 2020 it is likely to be very first electric car on sale in Vietnam.

In august 2018 Vinfast signed two agreements to cooperate with Siemens to the development of fully electric bus, the agreement specifically relates to electric motor manufacturing licenses and the supply of components to support the production of eBus in Vietnam together with the production of e-scooters and electric cars. vinfast’s eBus will not only help improve the environment but also contribute to the transformation of the URBAN public transport system in Vietman. The agreements enable vinfast to establish a supply chain for the production of Zero emission public transport vehicle in Vietnam, Contributing to the transformation and modernization of the public transport sector in country.