So many competitors were preparing to impact the progress of Tesla but beating the Pioneer is not as simple as they were thinking, Most of the automakers shifted the release dates of their EV’S Production models to 2020 or later but few of them are still ready to impact Tesla and among all of them Audi is in lead. Audi is preparing to capture electric market before all the Rivals except Tesla but it will surely impact Tesla’s Sales as well. Two Months earlier Audi was Debuted its e-Tron SUV concept that will released next year in 2019 and Now after two months another concept has been debuted by company at LA auto Show under Name e-Tron GT concept. When Audi’s Electric SUV will released to capture the SUV market round about the same time Porsche may release its Taycan, Both the companies are working together behind the scenes to beat electric market leader Tesla and other Brands.

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New concept displayed by Audi has borrowed so many design cues and technologies from Porsche Taycan, it is so much similar to Taycan in its exterior design moreover e-Tron sedan of Audi powered using same drive train and battery platform as Taycan

Audi e-Tron Concept Configurations:

e-Tron GT concept powered using 90kwh battery pack and two electric motors those generates 590 horse power@434kw. According to details the e-Tron GT will able to accelerate 0-60 in just 3.4 Seconds, Top speed  of the concept not mentioned by company  but Drive range of it is about 248 miles on full single charge according to WLTP standard. Just like Taycan 800 volt battery pack of e-tron will charge up to 80 percent in just 20 minutes.

From inside Audi expected to have vegan interior with microfiber headlining and recycled fishing nets carpets, price details are not available yet.

Related to release; no specific time duration has been given by the company but expectations of its arrival are at the end of 2020.

One of the BMW electric SUV is also expected to launch next year in 2019 somewhere in the middle while Volkswagen has already shifted it dates of release after 2020. Let’s see if how these upcoming vehicles like Taycan of Porsche & etron SUV+GT of Audi will impact Tesla’s Progress.

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