BMW is one of the biggest multinational company working since 1916 to give their customers most fancy, luxurious, advanced and comfortable automobiles. People always have their eyes on their latest technologies and now everyone is waiting anxiously for the launch of BMW X7 in markets. It was first announced in March 2014 and was officially revealed on 17th October, 2018. Now finally the super luxurious car is going to launch in the March of 2019. Its manufacturing was started in 2018 and it will be available for selling at automobile dealerships from March of 2019. This is a luxurious car intended to provide highest comfort, luxury, ultimate quality and most marvelous features. It is a five door car with front engine and four wheel drive; it is 203.3 inches in length with space for three rows of seats inside. All the seats are electric and Captain Chairs while the second row is made optional for six seater configuration, this gives a spacious room inside with a plenty of space and comfort. Front seats are more luxurious with ventilation system and massage function while passengers sitting at back can also enjoy the heated, ventilated system at the back seats.

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Driving is made more comfortable and luxurious with two axle air suspension. It has a glass roof top that makes a magical and spacious effect with its panoramic view and changing colors of LED screen of the glass roof top. There is a screen of 12.3 inches for helping drivers in parking and other features like real time traffic information, blind spot detection, active professional assistant driving and collision warning. Camera in the monitoring screen will have a look on driver’s nose and eyes to see either driver is attentive on roads or not, so drivers are not required to place their hands on wheels after every 20 to 50 seconds. This feature will help in controlling steering in traffic jams and handles speed at 37 miles per hour. Another screen is on the top of center stack and two more touch screen monitors are at the second row of the car that has voice activation and gesture control features. It gives ultra-modern, classy and fancy control system including gear shifters, audio switches and engine start button. Now you can charge your phones with wireless charging systems inside the car and Wi-Fi hotpot feature. It ensures high proof automatic system with safety seat belts, air bag supplemental restraint system, central locking system, front and rear head protection system.


BMW X7 trim levels and Engine Power:

Two models are launched in X7 series; one is xDrive40i and second is xDrive50i. X7 xDrive40i has a three liters turbocharged, three hundred and thirty pound-feet of torque and 335 horsepower including air suspension. On the other hand X7 xDrive50i has a 4.4 liter turbocharged with four hundred and fifty six horsepower and four hundred and seventy nine pound-feet of torque. It requires 5.2 seconds to reach sixty miles per hour while xDrive40i requires 5.8 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour.

Audio system in xDrive40i has 10 speakers while xDrive50i has 20 speakers inside. It is available in following colors including Black Sapphire Metallic, Mineral White Metallic, Arctic Grey Metallic and Alpine White.

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Pricing for BMW X7 2019:

 Price range vary for both the models; xDrive40i has a price of $74,895 while BMW X7 xDrive50i has a price range of $93,595. So after getting knowledge of all the super luxurious features of this biggest luxury car of BMW until now, one should book their cars quickly to avail all the features and enjoy the ultimate luxurious and most comfortable ride in their own BMW X7 series.