No Doubt Defender is among the most awaiting vehicles and expectedly company will release it in 2020. For 2019 the company is expected to unveil 2020 defender in coming few months, for now defender is still camouflaged but one of the website try to unveil it by doing renderings to the camouflaged defender with the help of its artists and what they render is a cute looking but great brave warrior defender.

Here are the renderings see if how two door defender expected to look like:

Upon rendering also tried to explain their rendering;

“Let’s face it – the new defender is going to be an all new product, and the British Marque has already admitted it will try to attract new customers to the brand, this means the design won’t be as rugged as the original defender and will instead future styling cues from the rest of Land Rover’s Models.

As per “From above renderings the vehicle is still easily recognizable as defender but now incorporates a front fascia that’s inspired by the range rover and discovery. LED light will be the part of the equipment in the more expensive trims while the regular variants, we expect will feature standard halogen lamps”

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