Rolls Royce a well known luxurious brand, about which demand is increasing with every passing year, Rolls Royce that received highest sales in the history has admitted that Rolls Royce Company would be dead without BMW.

All the automakers faced strict emission regulations and safety standards and because of this many brands even lost their existing position in the automotive industry like Volkswagen but some are able to survive like Rolls Royce.

Good wood Based Marque’s CEO Torsters Muller Otvos said;

Rolls Royce would be dead without the help and Backing of BMW group. In an interview with Goauto, automaker admitted the great support from Germany in times of strict emission regulations and safety standards”

I am glad to be a part of the BMW group and I would even say that Rolls Royce would be dead without BMW, we would never exist anymore. This Brand, I mean these small little precious brands would all die if they don’t have an OEM who invest early enough in to long term, very expensive technology, be it electric driving, be it autonomous, be it that you comply with all legal regulations worldwide”

No matter how much sub brands get famous, how much profit they earn and how good engineers they have, their survival is connected with their upper brand that has been proved after the statement given by CEO Torsten Muller Otvos.