Prince motor company is a Japanese company that merged with Nissan automobiles and has been manufacturing Road prince motorcycles, mini vans, ATVS all across Pakistan.  Now Prince is ready to dispatch its brand new 800 cc car in Pakistani markets. The new car is known as Pearl REX7 that is considered to give a major competition in the local automobile market. This is a joint venture of DFSK group of China and Regal automobiles.

Specifications & Features:

The expected car will have a torque of 60Nm and 40HP forty horse power at 5500 rpm. Size specifications are expected to 3610 mm by length and 1570mm by width with a height of 1490. Car will be having all basic specifications including the central lock system; it will be having power steering which is rack and pinion type, digital speedometer, automatic windows, air conditioning system and heater. There will be an infotainment system on the dashboard as well. Capacity of fuel tank will be twenty seven liters with a petrol fuel type option. Mileage in city is expected to be 22 kilometers per liter and 25 kilometers per liter on highways. Engine type will be EFI water cooled 800 cc. It will be available in automatic as well as manual gear control system. It has a seating capacity of five passengers. Front brakes are disc type while back brakes are drums. It will have a rear suspension system with coil springs and dampers.

Exterior of the car

Prince pearl exterior look is very stylish with curvy and sleekness looks. Pearl 2019 comes with front headlights and a broad shaped grill that enhances its beauty. This also have an option of fog lights on front that eases your drive in smoggy and foggy weathers in a very low budget. It is reported to offer more color options in automatic and manual control systems.

Photos of Prince Pearl:

Interior of the car

Interior looks are as astonishing as the exterior. It has a black and silver color combination from inside with a wooden work on dashboard and the doors. Interior includes the central locking system, the power steering, an infotainment system on dashboard, LCD for entertainment of the passengers and very comfortable seats and cushioning.

Safety measures

Car is provided with comfortable cushioning of seats to prevent back aches for drivers. Seat belt option prevents major injuries during a hit. Front and back seats are equipped with seat belts for safety and central locking system is also available. Child lock system will provide safety journey with your children.

Major competitors

Major competitors for Prince pearl REX7 will be Suzuki Mehran and United Bravo. Suzuki Mehran also comes with 800 cc engine and it is a very economical, less fuel consumption car whose spare parts are easily available in markets so its maintenance is very cheap. It has a mileage of 14 kilometers per liter and it has a price range from 7.6 to 8.3 lacs Pakistani rupees. On the other hand United Bravo is Chinese car whose engine is 800 cc EFI water cooled and it gives a mileage of 21 to 22 kilometers per liter on highways and 18 kilometers per liter in city. It has a price range of 8.95 lacs Pakistani rupees. It has very stylish looks and it may give a tough competition to Prince Pearl REX7 but it is a Chinese assembled car so its quality is cheap and maintenance could be costly but it offers all basic features to its customers including air conditioners, back view camera, fog lights, entertainment system and keyless entry. Pearl REX7 offers so many features in a very low price so it is expected to give a tough competition to both of these cars.

Expected date of launch

It was announced that Pearl REX7 will be launched by the mid of this year so most probably it will be available for sale in May 2019. Car is already seen running on roads in Pakistan for test drives so any issue or problem seen should be ruled out before the car is launched in Pakistan. Prince will launch this car after they complete their safety and test drives. It is expected that Prince Pearl REX7 will be a major hatch back for all the middle class families of Pakistan who can only afford the low budget cars because it not only comes in low price but it is also expected to have a low consumption of fuel and may give good mileage more than its competitors.

Expected price of Prince Pearl REX7:

Expected price of prince Pearl 2019 is from 7 to 8 lacs Pakistani rupees which will give a hard competition in Pakistani automobile market. Let’s hope for the best now.