About the entire sport car brands around the world are expensive and their vehicles even cost around million of dollars But not every company can make the most expensive vehicle because most expensive vehicle should be sold at that price otherwise we cannot called/conclude and consider that the most expensive vehicle. Such expensive vehicle made on order by millioners and billioners that is why not every company can make the most expensive vehicle.

Recently a well know sports car Brand Bugatti unveiled the Most expensive vehicle of all the time named La voiture noire which costs around 119$ million. This is only one vehicle of its kind which has already been sold to some unknown person.

This is a all blacked out car which is made with worlds most expensive materials including diamonds.

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According to Bugatti design director achirm Ancheidt;

The La voiture Noire is designed to pay homage to the Bugatti Type 57SC atlantic of the 1930s Designed by jean Bugatti, the eldest son of fonder eltore, the 57  Atlantic had an iconic all-black variant, which went missing during the 2nd world war and that’s what today’s La Voiture Noire,”

According to the company none of the other car of same quality and price will be made before 2.5 years. So even if you have this much amount you will not able to buy.