Land Rover has been a major icon of luxury cars since the day it came into being. It has been specialized in the manufacturing of four wheel drive vehicles. Tata Motors of India made a joint venture with this British company in 2008 to manufacture the Indian assembled models of cars in India ensuring the best quality and up to the mark luxurious features to their customers. Since then Land Rover has maintained a good position in Indian markets. Range Rover has always been favorite luxurious specie of this company for its customers and many new models have been introduced from time to time. This time Land Rover has shaken the market with new model of Range Rover Sentinel. It has been launched in Indian markets on March 4, 2019. So many new and advance features have been introduced in the model. Let us have a look on its super luxurious and royal specifications.

Features of Range Rover Sentinel


  • The car looks quite similar to the Range Rover Autobiography.
  • It is almost 196.8 inches in length, 204.7 inches in width and 72.2 inches in height.
  • It is a fiver door SUV car with front engine and four wheel drive.
  • Adaptive front lighting system that enables to ensure visibility.
  • Rear camera that helps in parking.
  • Pixel laser LED headlights.
  • Armored glass is used for protection.
  • Roof and under floor of the car is blast protected.
  • Emergency lights and siren system.
  • Choice of 501 style alloy wheels between nineteen and twenty inches.

Interior of the car

  • Interior is as royal as the exterior.
  • Semi Aniline leather seating.
  • Front seats are also provided with massage system for the comfort of drivers and front passengers.
  • Back seats are also Executive class.
  • All seats are provided with memory function.
  • Climate control system present inside the car to make the drive enjoyable.
  • Panoramic glass sunroof that can be opened full and closed fully as per the passengers need.
  • Ambient colors of interior lights.
  • A fully entertaining infotainment system for the front and back seats with 2 ten inches touch screen.
  • 19 inches front speakers with back and side speakers also provided with subwoofer.
  • Facilities for driver include Driver condition Monitor that helps driver by keeping a look on its driving and assists by commanding to drive in traffic
  • Another facility for driver include blind spot detection, Rear camera views 360 degree in its surrounding and helps in parking.
  • Three optional scheme interior colors are available including Ivory, Ebony and Cherry.
  • Front Airbags.

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  • A bigger fiver liter V8 supercharged power petrol engine upgraded from V6 to V8.
  • Power has been increased from 39bhp to 375bhp.
  • It speeds up from zero to hundred kilometers per her in just 10.4 seconds.
  • Wheels are adapted to drive on roads as well as on bumpy surfaces.
  • Wheels can be driven over fifty kilometers at a speed of eighty kilometers even if the tyre is flat
  • Brake system is standard disc that is 15 inches rotors up front and 14.4 inches rotors up in the back.
  • Central locking system.
  • Windows are bullet prove that can withstand a high velocity shots with a limit of 7.62mm high velocity.
  • It can withstand the blasts up to fifteen kilograms of TNT.

Some new, advanced safety features:

 As the up going situation in the country and throughout the world, renowned personalities of the country need full time security system to roam around easily in the cities. Keeping in view the need of people, armored glass has been used in it that is installed on the European Standard VPAM BRV 2009 VR8, PAS 300 and ERV 2010 that protects the passengers from bullet shots and any type of hostility situation. Roof and under floor of the vehicle can withstand blasts up to 15 kg of TNT. Range Rover now can provide defense against attacks from behind to front wheel. Emergency system has been equipped in the car to let the passenger’s exit the car from armored escape panel made especially for emergency conditions. V8 motor allows moving with high speed and escaping the aggressors. A perfect customary refinement is available to make sure it provides all the luxury SUV features to its customers. Upgraded braking and suspension system makes the drive even safer.


Price has not been announced yet as it will be made to order product. It is estimated to be from 3.5 to 4.5 crore Indian rupees.