Mercedes is always known for of its best, luxurious and classy automobiles since the time it came into being and in 2018 Mercedes was declared the largest selling automobile brand of premium vehicles by selling 2.31 million cars. GLC class of Mercedes Benz was introduced in 2015 and since then it has been producing luxury SUV cars. Every year old models get replaced by new ones and the latest 2019 GLC has been revealed at the Geneva Motor show this year and it will be available for sale in the mid of 2019 and in late 2019 in some countries. Mercedes Benz confirmed the upcoming model in 2020 which will be more advanced and more luxurious. GLC coupe will be launched all over the world including India too. Facelift and design has been revealed at the motor show which looks a little similar to 2019 GLC.

Facelift of 2020 GLC Coupe

Exterior design of the very new 2020 GLC is quite similar to the 2019 GLC with revised bumper and a stylish sleek look that can spread its magic in a single stance. There is more advancement in the headlight and the tail light that are smaller and more attractive than the previous model. LED lights of the head lights and tail lights are more mesmerizing with a diamond shaped grille. Front is very classy and sporty while the back is changed by the newly shaped LED tail lights and angular exhaust tips. 2020 GLC Coupe is characterized by its squat silhouette with dropped roofline and the round shaped back windows, the greenhouse in the silhouette provides you a perfect internal environment. Masculine body with superb ground clearance gives a perfect sporty look to the car. It is a four wheeled car with nineteen inches wheels. Teaser showed at the motor show mesmerized everyone with the classic, sporty and deluxe looks of this new car.


Photo Credit: motorauthority

Interior of 2020 GLC Coupe

Interior of the car is as classy as its exterior with more detailed dashboard and the newly designed central console which extends smoothly from central air vent to the arm rest. Interior color is magma grey with leather covering of seats and steering. Steering wheel is available in two options; Active Distant Assist DISTRONIC option and touch control system for the control of instrument cluster. Operating system is much improved by the multi functional touch pad fixed on the central console. Infotainment system is also improved with larger 12.3 inches touch screen monitor and the central 10.5 inches screen in the center. The infotainment system will be controlled by five ways; by touch system, by the touch control button on steering wheel, by multi functional touch pad fixed on central console, by movement recognition and by voice commands. Ambient lights of the interior will provide a comfortable and relaxing environment and three zone climate control is also available to fix the internal environment of the car.

Power of 2020 GLC Coupe

This SUV will be available with advanced two liter inline four turbocharged engine that generates a 241 horsepower and it can rush from zero to sixty kilometers in only 6.4 seconds. It can be self-tuned by its direct injection and ignition that is multi sparked. There is a dynamic select option that will let you choose between relaxed ECO mode and sporty mode that has 9G TRIONIC transmission. You can now drive on slippery and curvy roads confidently and comfortably with improved grip of 4Matic wheels on roads. It has cameras and radar for making your drive smoother by assisting you parking and controlling the car with the option of adaptive cruise control. It has safety system including Crosswind Assist that helps you in driving by telling you front and back collision mitigation and the Active brake assistance that works when driver fails to apply break on oncoming traffic. Air suspension will permit the sporty adjustment of the car.

Major competitors of the car

BMW X4, Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar F Pace are considered to be the major competitors of this car and the most rivalry relation is with BMW X4 because both the cars have similar approach that is giving a stylish and fashion icon look of the vehicle and bringing latest technology in markets.

Expected price of the car

Expected price of the 2020 GLC Coupe is estimated to be around 50,000 US dollars with more details to be coming in mid of April.