It has been six years since GLA luxury SUV class of Mercedes came with its first model and it clearly made a name among the SUV class vehicles of that era. GLA has always been loved and appreciated by public and we all know that it is a super power car having front engine powered by diesel or petrol and a four wheeled drive crossover SUV. Mercedes is now all ready to give its next debut for the year 2020 with its super astonishing and super powerful chic GLA250. It will be the smallest and cheapest SUV among its competitors that will be an all wheel drive and will offer hybrid versions too. Spy shots of the prototype have already been leaked that confirms the arrival of GLA250 soon. It is expected to be sportier and luxurious than the previous generation and Mercedes is working in restyling the SUV portfolio after face-lifting the predecessors to produce something highly modern and smallest crossover with a proportionally bigger cabin area for passengers and luggage. It will show a comeback with the advance technology and ambiguous ground between the hybrid crossover that will have a highly adored raised driving position and it will cut the dash around the town with its moderate extravagance.

Mercedes Bens GLA250 engine and performance

New model is based on all wheel drive concept which offers improved aerodynamics and low noise level. It will have a two liters turbocharged four cylinder engine generating 208 horsepower and 258 pound feet power. Electric version will have a smaller engine and integrated starter generator and the batteries are hidden under the floor. It will have improved suspension by torsion beam and multilink rear suspension. It speeds up to sixty miles per hour in just 10 seconds .The newly GLA is expected to ride on improved MFA platform that will produce slightly lighter prototypes and support more drive train. We are expecting to see small displacement engine in diesel and petrol options or there will be two engines based on orders. Currently GLA is offering only one engine size. Diesel option will not be available in variants in United States. Manual transmission will be carried with six speeds while automatic transmission will be carried over seven speeds. It will be 1494 millimeters in height, 4417 millimeters in length and 1804 millimeters in width.

Styling of GLA 2020

Spy shots have been received that shows a camouflaged body strolling on roads with a relatively longer and wider appearance and increased ground clearance. Roof is a bit steeper with steep slope and the waistline is flattened instead of curving skywards .The glass of the back door is rounder and bigger in size looking like quarter circle. Coming to the side view of the car, the body appears longer and the back door is also larger in size. Wheels are also larger in size and it acquires the space between the body and tire. From the front, the car scratches the muscular lines from the nose into the A pillars protrusive and uplifting. Headlights are smaller in size and wrap around the fenders. It has no grille and the newly designed fog lights can be seen at corners. Taillights are curved to the inward side and looks like a lip just beneath the back glass of the car. Eighteen inches alloy wheel adds more beauty to the outlook of the car.

Interior of GLA 2020

No clear shots of the interior of the car have been confirmed yet but we expect the interior to be redesigned with all newly styled dash board, steering wheel and improved instrument cluster. The upper variants can have diamond quilting in seats to make the journey more comfortable. Trim panels of door will also be redesigned with more color options. Slightly longer body gives us hint of increase cabin space for cargo and passengers. Steeper slope indicates lower headroom at back but it is expected that the back seats will be lowered an inch or two to provide a good space and headroom at back. There will be improved infotainment system with advanced technology and the display screen will be thinner and bigger.

It will say a goodbye to the mouse controller seen in previous models and the new hatchbacks display will be controlled by touch screen interface or control knob. There will be phone connectivity through apple car play and android options. It will have all basic safety features to ensure a safe drive including standard forward collision alarm, automatic emergency brakes, available line keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control, anti lock brakes that judges when tire has stopped rotating under high brakes and will let the brake pressure to rotate the tires. It will provide stability control when handling of car is limited due to reduced engine power. It will offer front, side, overhead and knee airbags for driver and passengers to prevent from major injuries in accidents. It will provide you navigation system, blind spot assistance, automatic climate control system, eight air bags, memory seat of driver, back view camera and rain sensing wipers.

Major competitors

By the time Mercedes launches its GLA250, BMW X3 will also be in its way to launch its hatchback and it can give a big competition to GLA250. On the other hand AUDI Q3 new model is also available to cut down the market of GLA 250. INFINITI QX30 will also give a good competition to this all new upcoming hatchback in market.

Estimated price and launch date

We expect a starting price of the entry level model to be around thirty three hundred US dollars. Prices can be increased from the estimated values but up till now no confirm news have been received related exact price and date of launch of GLA2050.We are expecting this prototype to rule the markets in mid of 2020s.


 A lot of changes to be seen in the upcoming model of Mercedes Benz GLA2050 after the testing sessions being carried out by the company and we are hoping not to see any flaw in its design and interior that can cut down its market value. As the design is not attempting us so much because of the steeper look but we hope to see the better changes in the hatchback and we hope it will retain its style and funkiness to be popular among public. We are hoping the electric version to strike the market with its latest technology and good mileage with less fuel consumption. Company is offering a sportier look with advanced infotainment system and technology and we are so looking forward that it fulfils on this platform so it can manage to face a tough competition among all the advanced, luxurious, modernized upcoming SUVs in market and we hope that GLA250 retained a classic sporty look.