Suzuki introduced its low budget and low fuel consumption car ALTO in 1979 and it made a successful entry worldwide including Pakistan. It was introduced in japan and was used for commercial purpose initially and was available as 2 door light van. It was named as FRONTE in japan and the export cars were send with name of ALTO. The SS40 Fronte Japanese car was transformed into SS80 Alto with 800cc engine. SS30/SS40 was introduced as the first generation with 539 cc engine and the export version with SS80 796 cc engine. Up till now eight generations of Alto have been released with hatchback in 2014 and 658 cc front engine with automatic and manual transmission. It was retro styled car which became popular with its low fuel consumption and lighter than the previous generations. Now Suzuki Alto is all ready to make a comeback with its ninth generation prototype with 800cc engine in October worldwide. Pak Suzuki motors is also expected to start production of 8th generation Alto 660 cc from  mid of April,2019 after the discontinuation of 800cc Suzuki Mehran VX and VXR. Company officials gave an interview to the DAWN newspaper in which they confirmed that the new 660CC Alto will replace Mehran and the parts are already supplied to vendors and many orders have been delivered. It is expected that the all new hatch back will be displayed in Auto Parts Show to be held in Karachi on 12th to 14th April, 2019. Sources said eighty percent of Mehran vendors are contracted to make Alto 660 cc parts and accessories with fifty percent of local parts to be assembled on latest manufacturing platform and it will make a debut in Pakistan as eighth generation. Let us discuss the features and specifications of this hatchback in detail.

Features and specifications

Upcoming model will make an entry in the small budget car class with 658 cc three cylinder VVT engine which will be powered by three transmissions including; five speed manual transmission, five speed semi-automatic transmission and continuously varying transmission with gear box. We are expecting hybrid version of Alto too equipped with ENE charge hybrid system with the auto idling engine and regenerative braking system. It has front engine with front wheel, back wheel and all-wheel drive options. It will have turbo and non turbo version too. It will have a length of 3395 millimeters, width of 1475 millimeters and height of 1475 millimeters with a wheelbase of 2460 millimeters. It will have all the basic features of a basic car including:

  • Defogger for driving in extreme conditions.
  • Air bags for safety.
  • Power door lock system.
  • Power windows.
  • Key less entry to car.
  • Power steering.
  • Power mirrors.
  • Anti-lock braking system.
  • Hill hold control.
  • Reminder alarm for seat belts.
  • Rader brake support system.
  • Collision mitigation system.
  • Air conditioning and heating system.
  • Reduced weight
  • Seating capacity for four adults.
  • Comfortable seating

Exterior of new Alto

This mini family car will be a five door car that will keep the original boxy and plain design of Suzuki Alto. It will have large sized headlights on front that will be a bit different and restyled as compared to the previous models. It will be made of PVC fenders instead of regular metal material. Sides of the car will be straightened while the boot lid on back will have straight cut in middle of dividing rear windshield. The material used in its manufacturing will be stronger and durable that will make the car lighter in weight than the previous models.

8th Generation Alto Photos:

Interior of new Alto

New look of all new hatchback from inside is also very classy and exquisite that offers more headroom for passengers. It will have power windows, power door locks and central lock system with keyless entry. Power steering will make the control on drive smooth and easy. Seating will be covered with leather trimming to give a deluxe look to the cabin and providing comfort to the passengers. It will also have start and stop button for easy startup of engine, heated front seat, and cup holders for carrying food stuff, electric mirrors and manual and automatic air conditioning system. It will have air bags on front for avoiding any major damage from accidents.

8th Generation Alto Interior

Expected price

Expected price of Alto will be around 8.5 lacs Pakistani rupees to 10 lacs Pakistani rupees and the prices could be higher after the price surge in country during some last months due to increased value of dollars and less price value of Pakistani rupees.

Launch date

The minister of planning and development put some pictures of the all new Alto on social media and sources confirmed the manufacturing of fifty units up till now that gives us the hint that the car will be launched soon in one to two months while no official date has been announced yet. However it will be displayed in the Auto show in Karachi on 12th April.

Major competitors

Major competition to this new hatchback in Pakistan will be given by united bravo which is another small budget and advance car with a price range starting from 8.95 lacs Pakistani rupees and it is expected to give a heavy competition to the upcoming Alto in Pakistan.

Final judgment

Eighth generation of Alto was introduced in Japan in 2014 and after completing its five successful years all over the world it is going into its new phase of ninth generation to be released in October but unfortunately Pak Suzuki has maintained its tradition of debuting the cars that are discontinued worldwide and while japan is preparing to introduce the next ninth generation Alto, Pak Suzuki is still under its eighth generation manufacturing and we are expecting to see its launch soon. On the other hand viewing on a broader scale, eighth generation Alto will still break the stereotype of Mehran in Pakistani markets and it will hit the market with huge demand and blooming sale. It will replace the Mehran fever which was the first option of the buyers when purchasing four wheeled cars for the first time and as the Mehran is discontinued from April 1st, company gave the good news of this new hatchback in small family car class. While on the other hand other world will enjoy the ninth generation Alto up till October and we hope that after the successful entry of eighth generation Alto in Pakistan, 9th generation may also be introduced in 2020. 9th generation Alto will be launched in India too in 2020 with a starting price of three lacs Pakistani rupees and 800 cc three cylinder engine generating sixty eight PS of power and 90Nm of torque.

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9th Generation Alto Photo:

9th generation Alto world debut
9th generation Alto world debut