Volkswagen is a German automobile manufacturer came into being in 1937. It becomes the largest automobile producers according to worldwide sales in 2016 and 2017. China has become the largest market of Volkswagen with forty percent of total sales in Chinese markets that’s why Volkswagen has focused the new concepts of the vehicles according to ideas and needs of Chinese people. Volkswagen has been producing hatchbacks, Sedans, crossovers, MPVs, SUVs and electric models. The electric models include hybrid cars and plug-in electric vehicles. The plug –in electric vehicle were officially revealed in 2016 with three all electric cars and six plug-in hybrid cars. Now Volkswagen is adding another concept to its all electric vehicles. It will be a full sized all electric SUV. Apart from this company also revealed crossover all electric I.D CROZZ concept and I.D BUZZ electric microbus. The concepts were unveiled on auto show in Shanghai, china on 16th April, 2019. All electric SUVs has plug in electric motors that are needed to be recharged. One of the biggest advantage of electric motors are that they are environment friendly and many governments encourage and promote different automobile companies to manufacture electric cars so they can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions as there will be no air pollution. Volkswagen ID is also an electric car built on MEB platform and it’s concept was introduced in 2016 and will be launched in 2020. The ID ROOMZZ concept was unveiled in Shanghai auto show on 16th April, 2019 and it will be even bigger in size than the previous electric cars.

Power and motor of the ID ROOMZZ

Car will be powered by eighty two kilowatts of battery that provides a coverage of four hundred and fifty kilometers with only one charge. The battery can be charged eighty percent in only thirty minutes. It can speed up from zero to hundred kilometers in just 6.6 seconds. It has two electric motors that can drive both axles easily and generates a 306 of horsepower. It will provide improved performance with high acceleration and more power.

Exterior looks of ID ROOMZZ

The electric car will provide four wheel drive with electric motors on front and back. It is 4915 millimeters in length longer than Volkswagen Touareg SUV. Its looks are a blend of T-crossover and T-Roc SUVs. Concept revealed shows no grille on the front and the LED lights runs linearly along the width of front and back. Both sides of the car have sliding doors for easy access into the cabin. It offers a tall roof line with completely flat floor and the car’s aerodynamic wheels with low resistance are designed to give maximum ranges of battery. Over all look of the car is very astonishing.

Interior looks of the cabin

ID ROOMZZ has three rows of seats inside the cabin with sitting capacity for seven persons. Dashboard is styled very elegant without any buttons that give smooth appearance to it. The steering wheel is mounted on the dashboard with touch sensors and alongside a screen of 5.8 inches is also incorporated for infotainment system. OLED screen is equipped to replace the wing mirrors and augmented reality system helps in satellite navigation commands on windscreen that will help the driver in finding the path. Steering wheel is featured with folding options to create more space for the front passengers. It is also equipped with wireless inductive charging system for the ease of passengers.

Autonomous driving option

ID ROOMZZ reveals the Level 4 concept of autonomous driving capability in which the Drive mode enables the car run as the general car under the control of drivers but the Pilot Relax mode enables to take over full control of the driving capability and responsibility. Steering wheel can easily be retracted inside the dashboard and the driver seat can be re positioned backward so the driver can fully take part in any conversations just like sitting in his lounge.

Major competitors

ID ROOMZZ will give a tough competition to Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron and Mercedes EQC. In china it will give competition to NIO ES8. All these cars are future electric cars based on the similar concepts and they will be capturing our roads in near future.

Expected date of launch and price

Company has only revealed the concept of the car yet and it has not announced any exact date of the launch of car but it is expected to be launched in 2021 in China while in 2024 in European markets. Exact price is also not confirmed yet but it is expected to be round forty thousand ponds.


Volkswagen offers a concept of future car with a lot of exciting new features and specifications. The tall roofline let the tall persons sit comfortably and easily in the car. One of the drawback seen in the concept is the reduced boot size due to placement of motor underneath. The instant surge of electric motor will let the car run quicker than the petrol or diesel cars. The style of the car is polarizing and stylish. The concept is very futuristic and exciting. The promise made by VW is appealing because there will be zero emissions in the environment as there will be no combustible engine and the manufacture of such cars will balance CO2 in the environment. If this concept is launched soon as promised by the country then it will be drastic invention with efficient features and luxurious electrification.