Toyota Supra undoubtedly has been one of the most admired, modified and loved tuner car all across the globe since its launch as MK4 Supra in 90’s. From the built proof 2JZ-GTE block under the hood, the Supra turned out to be one of the greatest Japanese legendary cars from our childhoods. Henceforth the 2JZ receiving worldwide appreciation from every car enthusiast soon became one of the most popular production JDM legend to this day. While the stock block could only make about 280HP, the Iron Cast block enabled the Car guy’s to max it up to 2000 HP with the same block.  In short, Toyota Supra has been the dream sports car of every single person who wants to go fast and modify cars. Frankly Supra is what earned Toyota a name in the sports car scene even though the stock one wasn’t fast enough but in real Toyota style it provided an opportunity to make it faster to everyone and anyone out there. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

In 2018 Toyota held up an exclusive secret meeting where it displayed the upcoming 2020 Supra to bunch of Car Enthusiasts in order to take their opinions. The meeting was so secret that attendees were taken their cellphones off and made to sign an NDC (Non-Disclosure Agreement) until Toyota made the public announcement later in 2019. 

Anyways, enough with the history and planning, fast forward to 3rd quarter of 2019 the Toyota Supra MK5 is officially here and the deliveries have officially started. While it may be criticized for being a BMW Z4 inside, people are actually loving it since the Supra has its own character added to it. 

Toyota did something special in form of making the very first Supra exclusive and oh boy they did it right. In simple words Toyota introduced a “Launch Edition” for the very first Supra being delivered. According to that, each launch edition Supra has numbered its manufacturing number on the dashboard. There are a total 1500 Launch Edition Supra and all are said to be numbered. Apart from that the normal 2020 Supra is identical to the Launch Edition ones. Anyways now that Toyota Supra is here, let’s have a look. 

Bodylines & Overall Looks: 

Straight up as you set eyes on the 2020 Supra, thee front headlamps blow away your mind with the elegance and style. The front headlamps carry the touches of previous gen MK4 Supra, maintaining the legacy but with the touch of German engineering. The body lines on Supra are marvelous from front to back. While the back of Supra has received criticism, it will still look good once we get used to it. 

Toyota Supra iconic Sport's car of Toyota Back into race
Toyota Supra iconic Sport’s car of Toyota Back into race
supra 2019 with Toyota's Body and BMW Heart
supra 2019 with Toyota’s Body and BMW Heart
Toyota Supra 2019 has finally Launched
Toyota Supra 2019 has finally Launched

Is it really a BMW Z4?

Yes, indeed it is but in a good way. See the Supra is a refined product of decades and century of German engineering overall. It’s one of the best well put vehicles in its league right now. So if the BMW adds up to the awesomeness of Supra then I am okay with that. However hoping towards the real question which everyone fears, Is Supra character worthy? Absolutely YES! 2020 Toyota Supra has its own character added to it despite being a German under the skin. On the outside and in the interior, it’s a Supra and it proves it well. The Supra is quick around the road due to its less weight and refined performance, so it’s quick which you might not expect. The comfortable and modern cabin with all the new upgrades as compared to MKIV seems like the Supra has finally caught up. Technology and modernization in cabin ads to the compatibility as well as outlook of the interior. While there seems to be huge disagreement on this, Toyota Supra is itself a vehicle.

What is the Price & Premium on Supra?

Since the Launch Edition have just started to arrive in the month of August, every Toyota dealership is aiming to get a huge sticker price because of the hype that Supra has. According to reports each dealership at least gets one Launch Edition in America which they will sell for huge premium. According to the reports and some famous Youtuber’s acquiring 2020 Toyota Supra, they premium for it is said to be as high as $10,0000-$20,0000 over the sticker price. However once the Supra arrives in bulk on the dealerships, it for sure will be available for the sticker price and even below as the dust settles which is $50,920.