The auto policy 2016-21 actually appear to be revolutionary for the automobile industry and it appears that the era of local Japanese automakers will soon be terminated in Pakistan. A lot of latest automakers are entering Pakistani market with an initiative to compete with current automakers namely Toyota, Suzuki, and Honda.


Renault Pakistan is coming to Pakistan with the goal of starting local assembly and searching a place in country. Renault has obtained an industrial land in Faisalabad to organize the assembly plant to start manufacturing in Pakistan. The most likely cars which Renault Pakistan is planning to launch are Duster, Captur, Lodgy, pulse and kwid.


Hyundai is planning to enter Pakistani market and had an agreement with the government in this regard. The intent of agreement is to shake up the Japanese dominated-cars and to loosen the grip of Toyota, Honda and Suzuki. The company has acquired a 66-acre assembly plant in Faisalabad to start manufacturing in Pakistan.


Pakistan’s Yunus brothers Group have partnered with South Korean automotive giant Kia to launch the vehicles in country. The company has already launched Grand Carnival and K2700 pickup in Pakistan. Now the company is expected to inaugurate three latest models in Pakistan namely Kia Rio, Kia Sportage, and Kia Pacinto.


Chinese automaker Chongqing Changan Automobile limited linked an agreement with Masters Motors to start manufacturing vehicles in Pakistan. Changan will organize an assembly plant in Karachi. In early stage passengers vehicles will be launched. The company’s target market will be the middle class and higher class. The Chinese competitors are most likely to damage and break the primacy of Japanese assemblers that are being unsuccessful so far in localizing car production till last three decades.


VW project at its peak potential is most likely to generate up to five hundred million Euros yearly in exports and two hundred million Euros in duties and taxes for Pakistan. These encouraging figures surely indicates that the world‘s largest automotive group is seeking interest in exporting vehicles to the regional nations from Pakistan. This project is most likely to produce 5400 jobs including 1400 direct jobs. The company aim is to have at least 40 dealerships in Pakistan.


The Greenfield has been set up to complying with the auto policy 2016-21. Dollar 50 million will be put into the auto sectors of Pakistan in partnership with the Chinese company Ka Hangten Motors. Company will manufacture passenger vehicles and SUVs after it has built its assembly plant.


Chinese FAW group collaborating with Al-Hajj group in Pakistan is already producing motor cars and they are now focusing on assembling FAW cars locally in Pakistan and they are most likely to push the car production to 15,000 units per annum by 2020.


Another Chinese auto manufacturer JAC Motor is planning to inaugurate electric cars in Pakistan market. They are approaching the Pakistani market with a unique idea of electric vehicles as part of their long term development program.


Motor company (SYMC) is entering Pakistani market with plans to launch sports utility vehicles (SUVS) in Pakistan by 2019. The company will start manufacturing vehicles collaborating with Deewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML) located in sindh.


It is the second largest manufacturing company in Pakistan and has launched its first car in Pakistan. United Bravo will give direct competition to Mehran, Suzuki motors.


Lifan and Beijing Automobile Works (BAW) are two Chinese automakers that are planning to approach the Pakistani market. Company has obtained 25-acres land in Nooriabad for its manufacturing plant.