This is the most  undeniable fact that buying a car in Pakistan is becoming a daunting challenge day by day, mainly this is because of the two reasons; first high taxes of the government on the Vehicles and the second is the high dollar value against Us dollars.

If you compare the currency of 2017 in which 104 Rs are the worth of 1$, but from the past 18 months the strength of the dollar was increasing rapidly, and now 1$ worth’s 160 Rs. Since this is the major reason for this car’s inclination; as the cars and the car parts are imports in Pakistan from other countries.

Whereas, on the other side of the same coin the government is imposing high taxes on these vehicles. However, these high prices have slowed down the sales of cars across the country, as most of the consumers are not able to buy such expensive vehicles. No, doubt that this also effects the business of the manufacturers too.

By the last 18 months the prices of the cars have been uplift by the 40%, this is the report of the unbelievable lift in the car’s prices.

From the last 18 months FAW V2 has lift up 40.22 % price from 1069, 000 to 1499000, FAW X-PV Dual A/C has increased the price from 919,000 to 1174000 that is the 27,74%  increase, FAW X-PV dual standard have lift the price from 869000 to 1114000 that is the 28.19%,, Honda city have increased its price from 1549000 to 2309000 that is the 49.077% increase and more.

Things to considers while buying cars in Pakistan:

This is the undeniable fact that buying an already used car or a cheap car may be the best option for you. But to find such ideal car in Pakistan is the daunting challenge. Since it is important to examine every aspect, of the cars, before making a good purchase, especially in the country like Pakistan. However, it is an art to find the ideal car in the reasonable prices. That’s these are some tips;


It is understood that no one wants to purchase a car with mechanical problems. Everybody wants that amazing car that won’t go in and out, to the auto shop recurrently. So, to avoid this, check the online reliability and the rating of the car.


It is good to check the performance reviews before you go towards the dealership, but wait for the original reviews, if a car has the majority bad reviews then that is not a car you are looking for, neither it is going to drive in a good way. For further satisfaction go for a test driv


This is the topmost priory considers the safety of the car by considering the cash test features and rating. As the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has already marked the safety features on every car’s model.


Inspect, everything, in the mainly from the material to the layout, the car’s interior should be very comfortable and cozy


It is imperative to consider the operating cost when you are going to buy a used car. If you are unable to put the fuel into your car, after every week then it is best to go for the fuel-efficient cars.

Buying a car in a country like Pakistan is not an easy task however, there are some points, through which we can get the satisfied cars in the best prices. By the last few months no doubt that buying a car have became a daunting challenge.