Bugatti has been into the Automotive Industry for 110 years now. During this tenure it is responsible for developing one of the fastest road legal hyper cars for decades. From Bugatti EB110 to the mighty Veyron than the legendry Chiron, Bugatti has led the performance and reliability unlike anyone.

Recently Bugatti has launched a new hyper car which will be limited to the production of 10 units only with an insane price tag of $9 Million. The new hyper car is named to be Bugatti Centodieci and it pays the tribute to the legendry EB110. The exclusive opening and unveiling ceremony was held on 17 August during the infamous Monterey Car Week 2019. Let’s have a look and discussion around this super rare hyper car.

“Centodieci” is an Italian word which literally translates to 110, A tribute to the 110 years of Bugatti in the Automotive Engineering. Bugatti Centodieci has its designing inspired by the 90’s era EB110. The Centodieci carries the heritage of EB110 in terms of shape and styling. The rear of Centodieci has a fixed spoiler wing just like its ancestor. It has the legendry side grill design just around the door pillar with perforations again just as they used to be in EB110. The EB110 was designed as a celebration to Ettore Bugatti’s (founder of Bugatti) 110 death anniversary as a tribute to his efforts. Similarly the Centodieci highlights the 110 years of Bugatti as a company.

Bugatti Centodieci 9 Million Dollar Hyper Car tribut to Iconic EB110

Bugatti Centodieci is powered by quad turbocharged W16 engine and it has greater performance as compared to the Bugatti’s latest innovation Chiron. Therefore the Centodieci is faster and has more to offer in terms of performance and experience.

Exterior Styling:

The front of Centodieci features Bugatti’s trademark Horse Show grille which in terms of size is smaller and shorter than the normal Veyron and Chiron grilles. The front headlamps are somewhat designed to give out resemblance to the EB110’s famous rectangular over the hood headlamps. However the newer headlamps in Centodieci are thinner longer and sharper. As we go down under the hood the lower end of front bumper compliments the look with two layers of intake grilles with an extended front splitter in the bottom. The front bumper has airflow channels to allow the air pass through it making the vehicle more aerodynamic. On the upper end of hood is the black accent just below the windshield as it was designed in the Veyron Whereas the windshield is a curved pillar-less windshield on both side windows. As we come to the sides the under pinning on side door are of Chiron. In terms of side shape the EB110 is more wedged whereas the styling around side of Centodieci is blake. The side intakes are dark black shinning Carbon Fiber in contrast to the unveiled white exterior of the vehicle along with the sharp line going from the front towards the rear. The side mirrors are also Carbon Fiber in black with a horizontal indicator mounted on to them.

Bugatti Centodieci 9 Million Dollar Hyper Car Front View

Bugatti Centodieci 9 Million Dollar Hyper Car Side View

Bugatti Centodieci 9 Million Dollar Hyper Car Rear View

As we come towards the lower end of rood, there is a vent for the intake of air in order to cool down the engine again in blacked out Carbon Fiber contrast to the white exterior. The back glass is angled somewhat vertically and blacked out. The 8-litre quad-Turbo can be seen a little bit with the vents on side of rear screen located on the left and right of the rear window.

Performance Oriented W16 Engine:

There’s no doubt in the capabilities and performance of the Bugatti Centodieci. Centodieci makes 1600 hp while churning out 1600 nm of torque. The quad-turbo W16 engine enables it to do from 0-100 KPH in 2.4 seconds. It does 0-200 KMH in 6.1 seconds and a whopping 300 KMH in just about 13.1 seconds. This amount of insane acceleration defies the laws of physics as soon as you experience it in cockpit and makes you realize what an engineering marvel the Chiron is.

Bugatti has limited the Centodieci to only 10 production models and it will be sold for $9 Million each. Bugatti Centodieci is for sure the leading legend of the modern day Hyper Car industry setting the bars of what future looks like.