Honda car India is offering an encouraging number of discounts on its latest vehicles across with other cars higher in range. The upcoming festive season is bringing a lot of discounts with it to gain the interest of car dealers which is now the essential need of the hour. According to the sources, the top-ranked automobile companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Toyota are also offering huge discounts to attract the car dealers.

Honda Car India offering Discounts on smaller cars:

On Honda Jazz, Honda is offering a cash discount of 25,000 INR including an exchange bonus of 25000 INR which makes the total benefit up to 50,000 INR. The WR-V is approaching the market with a cash discount of 25,000 INR with an exchange bonus of 20,000 INR which makes the total benefit of 45000 INR. The Honda City is offering the benefits of 62,000 INR with a cash discount of 30000 INR and an exchange bonus of 32,000 INR.

Honda Car India offering a discount on its top-selling cars:

Moreover, it is also giving cash discounts on its other vehicles including the company’s top-selling model Honda Amaze with up to one lakh units sold in just a year. Honda is offering 42,000 INR on Honda Amaze which contains the amount 30,000 INR in-car exchange bonus and extended warranty of amount 12,000 INR. In addition to this, you get three years of the maintenance program of 1600 INR if you don’t exchange the car. Honda Car offering Discounts on bigger cars: These all are the discounts offered by Honda on smaller vehicles, let’s now have a look at the discounts offered by Honda on bigger vehicles. The Japanese carmaker, Honda is providing its lovers with immense discount offers on the Civic and CR-V as it is offering a discount of 2.5 lakh on Civic and 4 lakhs on CR-V. The company is giving discounts of up to 1.10 lakh on Honda BR-V. They offer a cash discount of $3350. $5000 of exchange bonus and provide you with accessories of almost $ case you don’t claim a vehicle to exchange you will be provided with a $ 3350 cash discount and $4650 discount on accessories.

The expected increase in sales during the festival season:

 The automakers of India wait for the festival season as they expect an increase in sales during this period of time. Due to the decrease in the sale of the Indian automobile industry, the automakers are anxiously waiting for the festival season this year. The increased sales because of the festive season will help Indian automaker in clearing us their Bs4 inventory. This festive season may bring big advantage to the Honda who has a decreasing share of 0.84 percent and having a present share of 4.65 percent in bringing back its market share.