Need is the mother of invention and innovation, Announcement by Honda could be considered little late but that doesn’t mean Honda is not working on electric cars. On Wednesday 23-oct-2019 Japanese Giant finally makes a statement about the plans of speeding up the electrification of vehicles.

Same like other automakers the plan by Honda is not going to execute before 2022.

This new statement by Honda given during the Launch of Hybrid Jazz but as we know that Honda is already closing its plant in UK Sweden that is why Honda has no plans to build any new models for Europe now.

Honda’s vice president said; our full line up will be electrified by 2022

Not in Europe but all around the world people are adapting electric vehicles more quickly because these not just save the environment but save the annual budget as well. To confront this Honda will come up with its own strategy because other than this 2 motor hybrid Jazz there are other 5 models which has been planned by Honda to introduce in European markets in coming years.

Newly Displayed Jazz Hybrid model is not going to available before mid of the 2020 as said by Gardner while other five models will reach up to 2022.