No matter how good the company is and how high is the profits earning, future can never be predicted and can never be the same. Just like many other automakers Porsche is also afraid of future.

 As the Porsche is one of the renowned brand in the world but finally Porsche admitted that selling traditional cars will never be the same in future because other than driving pleasure  there are many other things those will impact the vehicles sales.

As the Porsche could be the last to embrace autonomous technology but surely have interest in future technologies now.

In an interview with auto car Lutz Meschke finance and IT boss of the company admitted that;
“Porsche need to invest in other firms to solve traffic issues to survive in long term future , Cities want to reduce traffic therefore we have to look for solutions which fit our brand.”

Meschke Commented further;

“If you want to get piece of the cake you have to think about investments in other brands or traffic solutions as well”

They pointed toward autonomous technology in which other brands as well as giants of Silicon Valley are investing lot.

According to Motor 1; they took the interview of Klaus Zellmer last year in which he said “that the marquee will keep the steering wheel, pedals and manual gear box forever”

Which clearly means that Porsche will invest in autonomous technology under different Brand where the ride sharing and subscription services could be the good starting point for the company?

Meschke further said;

Today our customers are willing to buy two, three or four Porsches but in the future may be they will buy one or two and for mobility in cities they will use other services. We have to think about business model that can balance these potential losses.