One thing that makes and differentiates Toyota from others is the way Toyota look into technology and the way uses. After Honda & GM Toyota is the 3rd Automaker that emphasizes lot on Hydrogen powered vehicles and accept Hydrogen power vehicles as a great alternative to gasoline and electric powered vehicles.

Recently Toyota unveil Toyota Mirai Concept for 2021 a hydrogen powered vehicle that according to company will use one cow manure to run. But the statement is more astonishing is given by chief technology officer Shigkei Terashi;

“Hydrogen that will be extracted from one cow manure will be enough to provide enough fuel to run the new mirai for a year of average mileage”

In Hydrogen powered vehicle fuel cells combine oxygen and hydrogen to generate electricity that further used by electric motors to generate power.

The remaining concept of car will be same; it will be an electric power vehicle and will have electric motors to generate power while the difference is the way of generating electricity in hydrogen powered vehicle.

Toyota mirai a Hydrogen powered vehicle by company
Toyota mirai a Hydrogen powered vehicle by company

Obviously hydrogen powered vehicle will have lot of benefits over gasoline and pure electric power vehicle; Electric power vehicle takes lot of time to charge while hydrogen powered vehicles could be filled as fast as gasoline and Diesel. Gasoline and Diesel generates o much pollution while Hydrogen powered vehicles are pollution free.

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But the issue is same, Automakers those have already invested billions of Dollars in electric vehicle why will let hydrogen powered vehicles to overtake. Same is the case here “Toyota’s rival not accepting this option for daily driven cars, while Toyota believes that hydrogen powered vehicles could be a great alternative to electric and gasoline powered passenger’s cars.

fairwheels take;

Nothing can be concluded before time, we will need to wait until manure powered mirai arrived in the market and tested by users and cleared by authorities otherwise the statement given by the company is little confusing as well. After visiting different websites we have verify that statement is true but the question is still there if how manure of one call will be used and in which form and if how one cow manure will be enough for whole year. There are many question those still need the answer but again we will have to wait until hydrogen powered mirai released or company give any other statement related to it.