Toyota is a big brand and the one thing is very clear that Toyota’s plans are much better than other automakers. Japanese giant Toyota works in a well panned and very effective way to keep ahead of other automakers.

According to reports Toyota and its luxury brand Lexus will launch three new electric vehicles by 2021. While automakers all around the world are in much hurry to shift to all electric despite of being pioneer in Hybrid technology, Toyota seems not to be much interested in electric future and cars. Some of the automakers even announced their plans of about completely shifting towards pure electric in next 10-15 years than why Toyota is not following the pace like others?

What deputy chief engineer Naoshia Hatta said is important to know before digging deep;

“If you look at a hybrid it’s made up of battery, engine, motor and PCU. If you increase the Battery part than it becomes a PHEV, if you take ICE (Internal combustion out) it will become pure EV. WE already have the technology. We are waiting for the right time. It has to make business sense, it has to make profit. If you look at the facts of what’s happening in the market now, for example PHEV technology is reflected in the price (of cars). If we are going to have an EV in the lineup it has to be affordable to normal users.

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fairwheels take;

Toyota is working on multiple technologies other than just all electric, like Hydrogen powered vehicles about which some of the details has also been revealed by company in the form of Mirai 2021. That will be a hydrogen powered vehicle and according to company will run using cow manure. More importantly Toyota is supporting hydrogen powered vehicles more than all electrics and also considers these more affordable and reliable. This is the reason Toyota is not in hurry and obviously they already have the technology for Electric vehicles and are just waiting for perfect time.

Electric future is still not much clear because some of the well known big brands are also investing in hydrogen fuel cells technology. For now Tesla is the only automaker that is on the top in the Electric race but Germans are also lagging behind and they must have their own plans. Still the future is not clear, in upcoming 3-4 years most of the things will be much clear if automakers are going to adopt all electric or Hydrogen powered future.

Toyota Mirai will Run on Cow Manure
Toyota Mirai will Run on Cow Manure