Increase in Competition increases the benefits for the customers, same will happen when more Ride hailing Companies will emerge in Pakistan and the good news for both Drivers & Rider is that another competitor “Grab” a Singapore Based Multinational company is ready to start ride hailing services in Pakistan. After Timesaco Grab will be the largest competitor of UBER and Careem in Pakistan. Grab is already working in other 13 countries of south east and East Asia some of which are Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippine, Vietnam and Thailand which defines about the company having great experience of 7 years. Just like Timesaco grab not only work in Ride hailing but other services as well including Delivery, Payments and Food.

In Pakistan and other countries where Grab is planning to expand will start its services in partnership with Careem to book the Rides. To make the application easy to understand and operate Grab will be available in different languages both for drivers and customers. In Pakistan Grab will be functional in all big cities where Careem and UBER already working.

Grab Expansion in Pakistan & Benefits to users and Drivers:

Increase in competitor always benefits the users with more incentives and less ride fare. As the grab will also provide ride hailing service other than taxi which will be beneficial for drivers as well. May the Drivers get another benefit from the company in the form of Android phones because it is the policy of the company to give new smart phones to the drivers while installments will be deduct later on from the earnings.

No official details related to start of service being announced but soon it will be available both for riders and Drivers.