Porsche Taycan will have Autopilot & Summon Feature Like Tesla Model 3

Porsche’s Taycan is considered as the biggest competitor and rival of Tesla’s vehicles because it has great design, range and most importantly advance features just like Tesla.

As the Tesla is Pioneer that is why it surely has advance technology than other brands which can be concluded from the fact that engineers of Porsche visit and Test Tesla’s V-10 update Summon & Autopilot feature.

According to details given by Jensen Gadley who owned model 3 in Las Vegas and Rents out his car, Rented out his model 3 to the engineers of Porsche. As he wasn’t aware about their identity and was also thinking to cancel out rental because they were insisting to use Smart Summon feature of model 3 which obviously require owners smart phone to operate or the Tesla’s credentials which was less safe. Finally he agreed to meet them in parking for the testing of feature.

Gadley got amazed when they arrive in parking because they were having Taycan of Porsche that is not released yet while the cables and testing equipments was inside the Taycan.

During Questioning they revealed their identity as engineers of Porsche and tell that they wanted to test the Summon feature of Tesla model 3 after V-10 update to the Software by Tesla.

They test Tesla’s model 3 in two different parking’s to know the working of summon feature using which vehicles can move driver less up to some feet and reach where owner is standing while holding phone in hands. After testing they left while saying;

 “We wanted to Drive Tesla with V-10, this could be great here”

According to details give by Model 3 owner they also give 5 start ratings.

As Porsche is soon going to launch Taycan which will compete against Tesla cars, most important of which Model 3 that is why it is important for Porsche to perfect things before launch.