BMW has been teasing I-NEXT long Range vehicle from one and half year which was unveiled as concept last year while as per details it is going to be in production from 2021. Even though BMW is teasing this vehicle from quite a time there are no much details about it.

Recently another move has been made by BMW in the form of 400$ million investment that is being made not only for the production of I-NEXT but directly indirectly to compete the Tesla.

“BMW is not the only German that is planning against Tesla but Porsche also planning with its Taycan. There is news about Porsche engineers that they have Tested Model 3 new Software update version V-10”

In the regard of Tesla BMW’s head of sales and marketing, Lan Robertson previously Share doubts about Tesla’s ability to produce model 3 in volume at $35,000 and in the process, he said that the I-NEXT would be the real competitor in this segment.

What to Expect from I-NEXT:

Tesla Model X is a SUV while I-NEXT of BMW is a crossover as there is no direct competitor in terms of body styling and design cues but if we consider it as competitor than it will be a regular competitor just like other cars and obviously can be a reason in decline of Tesla’s overall profit. According to Website “Electrek” it will be more directly the competitor of Model Y of Tesla.

By looking at the previous statement BMW is planning to rival Tesla in terms of production capacity and in this regard Milan Nedeljkovic Member of Board of Management BMW AG commented;

“Thanks to our flexible production structures our plants are ideally equipped to meet the most diverse market needs. We firmly believe, over the next few year there will be more than just one solution worldwide for all our customers’ mobility needs instead, we expect to see a mix of different Drive technologies”

Dingolfing plant new director added;

“The BMW I-NEXT is more than just a new model. It’s a pioneer for many key automotive innovations especially autonomous driving. It is also paving the way for further roll out of these technologies over the coming years. The current structural measures for the I-NEXT will also benefit other models build in Dingofing in the future.