Tesla is on the hit list of all big Automakers, Now another largest Automaker is targeting the Tesla’s battery production capacity but this time it is not the German but American GM (General Motors) that is teaming up with Korean Giant LG to Build Battery production plant in Ohio by doing 2.3$ billion investment. LG is already the world’s leading battery manufacturer that is also supplying to ford, Hyundai, Tesla, and Volkswagen & Volvo.  Plant will be setup in Lordstown area that will have the capacity of 30 Gigawatt hours and will also generate 1100 Jobs there.

What is GM Planning for EV Production?

According to Details General Motors batteries production plan is in regard to reach the goal of 20 electric vehicles in lineup by 2023. According to website “car&driver” on the launch day of cyber truck GM CEO Mary Barra Said;

“GM will have its own electric pickup truck that will become available in fall of 2021.

While in another statement Barra said;

“Company expects to sell a million electric vehicles each year in future.

Fairwheels take;

This change in planning of general motors’ happen after the launch of Tesla’s electric truck because GM is well known for the production of Trucks in America and European markets and whenever a company tries to snatch your business and position you will have to setup the alternative plan to compete against.