Now the Companies are quite serious about self driving technology, as there are no confirm details if how much time it will take to fully implement in real life but almost all of the big brands have started the test phases.

Some of the big names those are really testing their autonomous technology includes;

Waymo Company supported by google performing in Phoenix,

Lyft the well known ride hailing is also doing in Las Vegas Voyage in Florida & Toyota in Japan. This is not it; many other companies are also performing tests 65 of which are doing in Europe only.

But for now Mercedes and Bosch of Germany are also going to start self driving testing between west San Jose and City’s Down Town area. Testing will be done on fixed routes while according to details for the safety; drivers will be present on the front seats monitoring autonomous driving and avoid any emergency. Like all other Companies Mercedes will give access to selected passengers those will use app and book the rides from different locations.

According to Website “The Verge”; Mercedes was planning from the last year for giving free autonomous rides in last half of 2019 but decision between the selection of either S-Class or V-Class was pending while now S-Class has been chosen by the Mercedes with mind set to provide more luxury and premium services to customers.

Details related to number of vehicles and passenger selection is not given by company. Other than Mercedes 65 other companies are also licensed to test self driving on public roads.

Announcement by Company was made on Monday 9 December 2019; let’s see when the company will start testing.