After receiving the X-70 SUV as Gift by Prime Minister Imran Khan There has been made millions of searches Related to Release & launch in Pakistan Which surely explain the interest of Pakistan Community in Proton cars. This Malaysian Giant was acquired by Chinese Giant Geely after which Proton has become so strong that it is ready to compete against global automakers such as Honda and Toyota.

These are not just the assumptions but the statement given by CEO of Proton in which he said;

“The quality issue was the problem with proton before; they did not have the resources to (look into quality). But now with the expertise and Resources from geely as well as the experience of proton as a national car maker, we would be able to produce better quality cars. With our new product positioning our competitors are Honda and Toyota”

This is not it According to Li; proton will not be a regular automaker any more as it was before but it will be known for higher end vehicles brand. Proton is surely looking to compete directly with Toyota and Honda Because in a statement Li Considered Perodua no more a competitor which is the no 1 seller in Malaysia.

“Perodua is not even our competitor anymore, why? Because of different product position”

Our saga is much better than bezza. The Proton saga sedan has been recently face lifted, while the Bezza is preodua’s first ever sedan”

Overall Sales of Proton Increased:

After Getting out of Resources issues & launching X70 SUV there has been seen dramatic increase in the sales of Proton cars which stabilize the position of proton in Malaysia.

“PIES Stands for persona, iris, exora and saga. We took 16 months to develop 5 models (including x70) and we launched all of them in span of just 8 months, which is no 1 speed. Following the launch, the new saga has contributed greatly to the sales of proton cars. It was selling around 2200 units per month three years ago, now it is selling 4,000 units a month since august, that is double the sales.

What about Pakistan:

In Pakistan proton is in partner with Al-Haj group which is setting up assembly plant for proton cars while Pakistan is also first in South East Asia. Assembling of cars will start in the mid of 2020 and X70 might be offered as CBU unit before local assembly.