All around the world just like many other industries automakers are also shutting down their factories and Production areas to prevent the spread of corona virus. Just shutting down these may not be enough but their also the need of spreading the message to the world with other means as well to make the people keep social distancing and staying at homes.

Recently 2nd largest Automaker of the world “Volkswagen” and its sub brand “Audi” have changed their Logos Temporarily to spread the awareness of social distancing. What they have done; they have put distancing in their logos figures and words. Audi has distanced the rings from one another while Volkswagen has increased the distance between “V” and “W” in the Logo.

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VW Message:

YouTube video

To spread the awareness both the brands are spreading their messages using Different Social Platforms, Media Websites and Video Platforms.

Now the only way to saving the world from COVID-19 staying at the home and by keeping social Distancing. As more than half of the world is shut down because of this virus and Disease but still people in different areas are still not taking it serious that is why it is important for every brand to spread awareness in their own ways.