Geely Chinese automaker Giant that is already ahead in the race and overtaking different markets has finally re-opening its subsidiary Volvo’s factories in china after the epidemic of Covid-19.While the life in USA (the biggest competitor of china) is Shut Down, china is resuming its activities again.

Volvo’s factory in china luqiao is starting the production of its new fully electric car Polestar 2. First polestar car by Volvo was showdown in 2013 which was polestar 1 hybrid car that is in production since 2019 and now polestar 2 its fully electric car has entered into its production phase.

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According to details Polestar 2 is a uniquely styled car that has 408 horsepower motor which offers 292 miles off range as per WLTP Cycle with 78 KWH battery pack. Moreover the car is equipped with 4 wheel drive system that sends power to the every wheel.

According to details given by magazine “Car&Driver” for the European markets it will start under the price tag of 65,000$ and the supply will first start first to the European markets than to China and North America. Polestar 2 is expected to start deliveries in the 2nd half of 2020 while the polestar 3 Upcoming All Electric SUV by Volvo in the end of next year 2021.

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