Glory has been seen many times on Pakistani roads and there is no doubt that it is a great looking car with competitive specifications and features. For this nicely priced competitive SUV Regal motors has started the acceptance of pre bookings In Pakistan moreover company has also made an announcement regarding the “glory 580 pro” which is the flagship version of 580 and was introduced last year in china to introduced in Pakistan as well. As per details CKD assembling of glory 50 SUV’s will be done locally in Pakistan.

Pre Booking Pricing:

Pre Booking of Glory 580 already started from the month of July 2020, the pricing of Glory 580 set between 37.5 to 41.5 lacks depending upon the specifications and features offered while the flagship version priced 44 lacks PKR.

Pre Booking Pricing:

  • Glory 580 standard = 10.0 Lacks PKR
  • Glory 580 Flagship = 15.0 lacks PKR

Engine & Power:

Glory 580 vehicles are powered with two different engines including 1.8 liters naturally aspirated and 1.5 liters turbo charged engine paired with CVT or Turbo converter transmission according to variant.

For complete overview and details of standard DFSK Glory 580 version you can visit here:

What is New in DFSK Glory Pro? :

580 Glory pro is the updated face lifted version of glory which has received major cosmetic changes to exterior and interior. Fengun known DFSK Glory launched last year in china with major changes on front including redesigned fascia, new slim headlights, revised tail lights and new rear bumper with dual exhaust, 18 inch alloy wheels.

Optional features:

  • Radial Starry grille
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Interior Update:
  • 6 inches touch screen
  • 3 inch dual interface screen for speedometer
  • Dual black tone dashboard
  • Large screen has digitally operated controls
  • Linus intelligent connectivity system with voice command
  • Intelligent auxiliary induction gate
  • Hydrophic glass in side mirrors
  • Electrically adjustable seats





Glory Pro E engine & Transmission:

 In China Elite version comes equipped with 1.8 liters naturally aspirated or 1.5 liter turbo charged paired with either 5 speeds manual or 6 speeds manual

Pro Comfort versions have CVT as option as well.

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