Luxurious items those bloom the personality remains in demand always not matter if that is an Iphone or a luxurious Rolls Royce car. Corona Virus epidemic has affected all the businesses around the world and obviously the most effected sector is automobiles but despite of that demand for Rolls Royce has re-bounds which forced the Boos Torsten Muller-Otvos to Re-launch the ghost but this time as redesigned car with price tag of 250,000 Euro.

In the interview with BBC Boss Torsten said that “Markets in Asia, Europe and US were now more or less back to Normal. He further said that “sales for the first half of 2020 were down 30% but now times are starting to become better and better”

Mr. Muller called the Rolls Royce ghost the Most successful car in the history of Rolls Royce which if concluded; according to cars sales base figures,( 2,245) units of this particular expensive luxurious vehicle has been sold from 2009 to 2019 which was declined after corona pandemic but will surely increase even more after the launch of New Ghost model.

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He said; sales for the first half of 2020 were down 30% but now times are starting to become better and better.

Slumps in the sales were started from 2019 but despite of the slump 2019 was the best ever year in the 116 years history of Rolls Royce.

He added; But of course the covid happened, since then, the firm had seen an upward trend and business is coming back to what I would far more normal.

What’s new in upcoming Ghost Model?

Mr. Muller described the launch of the new Rolls Royce ghost a complete re-design of the most successful car in the firms history as a seminal moment while the new ghost displayed on 1 September other than having luxurious amenities will offer longer wheelbase extended model with 6.7 inches stretched wheel base that will increase rear leg room as well. There has been offered another two tone black and green color scheme on exterior other than white, But under the hood engine will remain same with 6.75 V12 making 563 horse power and 627 pound feet of torque. More details not yet revealed but those will surely depict the complete redesign as said by Muller.