Changan emerging as a new competitor in Pakistan, other than cargo vehicles and pickup trucks Changan also planning to bring its vehicles in other categories just like Changan Alsvin sedan but before the launch of its new vehicles, Changan jumped into oil market as a new vendor with Changan master genuine oil.

Good engine oil not only extends the life of engine but also provide smooth, soundless driving experience while the Changan oil formulated perfectly that not only matches all present engines in Pakistan but will also improve fuel efficiency, Reduces engine wear and tear and enhances the car’s overall performance.

According to details engine oil by Changan is manufactured by idemitsu a leading Japanese global energy company and japan’s top lubricant supplier for automobile all over the world.

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In Pakistan, most of the vehicles present on roads are Japanese engineered and Japanese oil will be best suitable for these cars. The oil is engineered for Changan’s C10 engine and is compatible with all engines requiring API SL/C14 SAI 15W-40 grade oils. There are very few quality engine oils present in Pakistan market while the imported high-quality oils are usually expensive than other local brands, in a situation like this high-quality Changan oil will be proved to be great high-quality imported oil alternative with moderate pricing.

Mr Danial Malik CEO master Changan motors limited express his views during product launch;

“We are delighted to launch this premium Changan Master genuine engine oil, an all-weather, all-terrain oil, capable of handling even the toughest driving environments; ensuring that you get a peaceful, hassle-free drive.”

“Despite the presence of a plethora of brands in the local lubricant market, we believe that our product quality and competitive pricing strategy would help cement our position as a leading lubricant brand.”

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Some of the important details regarding oil manufacturing company idemitsu;

  • Idemitsu, a part of the Fortune 500 powerhouse, is currently ranked 354 among the prestigious group of companies, with revenues exceeding $35,000 million.
  • The Japanese petroleum giant is ranked as the 26th largest refiner in the world in terms of volume and also has the privilege of being the second-largest oil refiner in Japan followed by Nippon.
  • In addition to the production and sale of oil, petroleum and petrochemical products, the company owns and operates several oil platforms and refineries.
  • In Pakistan, Idemitsu is the pioneer in introducing genuine and technologically advanced engine oil for OEMs.
  • It is pertinent to mention here that Changan has emerged as the top automotive brand in the last decade for its globally recognized vehicles.

In addition, Changan International Corporation signed a $100 Million joint venture with Master Motors in Pakistan, to set up a state-of-the-art vehicle assembling facility along with a vastly growing 3S dealership network across Pakistan.

Moreover, Changan invests 5% of its sales revenue in R&D. Every model is driven and tested on the Dianjiang test track, an international standard vehicle testing facility, spread over an area of 2,240,000 square meters, with a 150 km long track, making it the 2nd largest vehicle testing facility, globally; a prime example of Changan’s high-quality preference for its customers.