Genesis was the luxury division of Hyundai that converted/created as sub-brand in 2015 by Hyundai, and now it is turning to be the new family of cars. Just like Hyundai and KIA those are outranking other brands worldwide especially in Asian markets, Genesis has overtaken luxury brands of Germany including; BMW and Mercedes in the first half of 2020.

This has happened for the 2nd time in the last four years after being recognized as a separate brand that genesis has topped the sales. In 2016 Genesis with 66,278 unit’s sales between January and July was top on the chart leaving Mercedes Behind but after 2016 Mercedes kept the top position with a higher number of sales for all passed years.

According to Korea Herald;

Genesis ruled the sales chart in the country for the first time in four years by selling 60,005 units between January and July of 2020. Mercedes was significantly behind and sold 41,583 units in this period while BMW struggled in comparison and pushed out 29,246 units to customers.

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In comparison with previous year sale figures, sales of all the vehicles have increased, Mercedes by 3% and BMW by 35% but genesis has the jumped to 65%.

These sales figures are for the home town of genesis (Korean market), and this all is due to newly launched GV80 that made the genesis to achieve these figures. Other vehicles of Genesis including; GV70 SUV and facelifted G70 are also on the way and expected to be launch before the beginning of next year.

Even though people of Korea have started to prefer electric power trains over gasoline engines these sale figures of genesis are quite impressive. As per sales figures of EV’s; Tesla’s Model 3 is toping the position with 6,883 units for 2020 January-July, but again Hyundai Kona EV and KIA Niro EV are on next two spots with 5120 and 2315 sale figures.

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Hyundai and its sister brands are emerging everywhere just like Tesla while it seems that Hyundai brands will take over other brands in the coming years.