In the recent years 2020-2021, there happened a lot of development in the automotive industry because of the present and upcoming auto policy that bring many new automakers to Pakistan with their well-equipped vehicles. The future is quite bright for automotive lovers and industry as the future will bring well-equipped cars to Pakistan, and the automakers will also be bound to ensure the safety of the customers and people in Pakistan.

It’s been more than three decades there wasn’t any rule or Law directed toward the automakers for ensuring user’s safety, but recently the Lahore high court has directed the engineering development board to ensure the installation of safety airbags in all locally manufactured vehicles.

The new automakers already bringing the latest safety features to their vehicles and this act is already forcing the local manufacturers to do the same, but vehicles under 1.5 million rupees still lack the safety airbags.

 This new direction will standardize airbags because it has made it mandatory for all manufacturers to install airbags in all vehicles, Moreover, the PAMA has also shown willingness to implement the orders.

After the implementation of the court order, there could be a chance of increasing in prices, but most of the chances are that the prices will remain unchanged as the newcomers already providing basic safety facilities to their customers at the same competitive price as locally manufactured vehicles.