It will not be wrong to say that; the tire is the backbone of the automobile industry. The first invention in the automobile was the gasoline car invented in 1885 by Karl Benz, with metal tires covered and filled with rubber. It was a great invention worldwide, seen by the public in Paris-Bordeaux- Paris automobile race.

Nothing except the modification in tires can replace this invention, and this has been happening for centuries. Now, when everything gets more advanced globally, the tired concept becomes modified too as UPTIS unique puncture-proof tire system introduced by Michelin. Michelin Company has been working on this concept to get rid of punctures for the last 16 years.

UPTIS unique puncture proof tire system
UPTIS unique puncture-proof tire system

Michelin said people do not need to worry about flats anymore; this tire will last up to three times long as a regular tire. He added more by saying you won’t need a spare tire to carry while traveling; it means no burden and better fuel efficiency. The puffiness of this tire has no air inside, so it needs no check and balance about pressure. The optimal pressure is embedded for handling the fuel efficiency. Michelin asked what will be their inside to pour out the trash and maintain the pressure if the air tube is not inside? He replied there are holes to emit all waste and water out. It comes to know by sources that working on the design is in process with the partnered GM, and airless tires will be seen in the market as early as 2024.

Michelin is ready to Bring Air Less Tires by 2024
Michelin is ready to Bring Air Less Tires by 2024

There is no information about the prices of these tires, but hopefully, these standing airless tires will not be charged high. These airless tires are amiable to the environment, and the material using for the manufacturing will be reclaimable into new tires. Hopefully, these tires will bring about a more sustainable society. The automobile industry’s research shows that approximately 200 million tires are thrown annually because of the unrepairable punchers and not recyclable processes. As far as there are so many benefits of these tires, there is a stumbling block for an electric vehicle is more weight, it means these tires add more weight to a car as opposed to the air-filled tires that are approximately 7 % more to the wheel. More weight for electric motors will minimize the driving range of the vehicle, and there is Hope the Company will also resolve that in the future. Michelin is now working on getting the approval from us to promulgate to the public.