Chery has a great name in Chinese automobile manufacturers as the 10th largest Automobile Company in China. Chery has just unveiled the most recent car named Mini EV QQ Ice cream has gained all media coverage in china after the released images to the public. This car is chery’s first car as ICAR Ecology. Chery has named this car the original QQ as the last QQ3, QQ Me hatchback, QQ6 sedan, but according to media, this QQ does not look like the previous QQ’s except front light but have the same look as Hungguang Mini EV. Many reporters called this mini EV QQ the low-quality marketing of the chery because of its similarity with Hungguang Mini Ev. If we talk about the specifications, we do not find much difference from the Hungguang Mini EV. This three-door Mini EV Ice cream’s length is 298 cm, width is 14.6 cm with a height of 16.37 cm and 196 cm wheelbase.

Power & Battery:

Chery Mini EV QQ Ice Cream Generates 85 NM of torque and can reach up to the speed of 100 km/h, While the available battery, 13.9 kWh, makes it cover approximately 170-km of distance.  While on the other hand, Hungguang Mini EV’s three-door car has two battery options 9.2 kWh/ 13.8 kWh covers 120 km and 170 km however the exterior dimensions are; length 2,917 mm, width 1,493 mm and height 1,621mm curb weight 665 kg along with 1,940 mm wheelbase.  Both the vehicles have a seating capacity of four people and similarity in design, but Mini EV QQ ice cream will be available in pleasing and creamy colours like purple, white, pink, green, yellow, red, and blue.  Even they said that these colours are “Most suitable for female car buyers.” This car weighs the lightest weight, around 700 kg, with a beautiful boxy shape, dual-layer dashboard and digital touch screen instrument panel of two spoke.

The expected price of Mini EV QQ ice cream is 30.000 yuan, and the price of Mini EV is 28.800 yuan in China, apart from these comparisons, both cars with glamorous looks and are environment-friendly.